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WWDC 2017: New iPad, MacBook, iOS 11 likely to feature in Tim Cook's keynote address

Conventionally, a software-centric event, the Apple WWDC is also expected to see new devices announced this year.

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: June 5, 2017  | 18:15 IST
WWDC 2017: New iPad, MacBook, iOS 11 likely to feature in Tim Cook's keynote address

All eyes will be on Tim Cook as he takes the stage at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference later today, for his keynote address for the event. Deviating from its software-centric nature, which has attracted software developers for the past 27 years, the WWDC is expected to be more focused on consumer products this year.

Reportedly, the opening day of WWDC is likely to see announcements about new iPads and MacBooks, a brand new version of iOS, another edition of MacOS and updates for WatchOS and TVOS. A Siri speaker is also anticipated to make an appearance and will compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The keynote address will begin at 10:30 pm IST (10:00 am PST) and will be livestreamed from San Jose, California on Apple's official website. Cook is expected to name all the important developments, related to hardware and software both, in this speech.
Developer-focused announcements have been made in advance by the Apple, said a report from India Today tech team. Like a press release about how Swift Playgrounds have been used by Parrot drones and Lego Mindstorms as well as the fact that Apple has paid 70 billion dollars to developers, the report further read.

A look at what might be up for offer in the keynot address:

'Kaby Lake-powered' MacBooks

A new line of MacBook laptops powered by the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors are expected to be mentioned in the keynote address. Whether new Mac Mini and MacBook Air will make an appearance remains to be seen, the Cupertino tech giant might announce an upgrade to its iMac desktops. Apple had mentioned earlier that new iMacs will be launched in 2017.
Apple is also expected to announce a new wireless keyboard with a built-in touch bar at WWDC.

New iPad Pro

The expected upgrade to the iPad Pro is expected to be a 10.5 inch avatar with the same physical dimensions of its 9.7-inch predecessor. This means the device will sport slimmer bezels and possibly new design language.

iOS 11

The much-awaited upgrade of the iOS is projected to come with a host of improvements and tweaks. iOS 11 will have new features and enhancements for Siri, updates for Apple's digital payment system Apple Pay, dark toggle in the UI for efficient battery usage, better integration of the Apple Pencil, and multitasking features for the iPad.

New content for Apple Music, like CarPool Karaoke, will also be part of the package. The much-awaited 10th anniversary iPhone 8 will run the iOS 11, along with iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Siri Speaker

Apple will likely announce a speaker-like device equipped with its homegrown voice assistant Siri. The standalone device will be Apple's answer to Amazon's Echo, which come with Amazon Alexa, and Google Home speakers. News on the rumour mill suggests that the speaker is already in production and will be put on market shelves by the end of this month, said the India Today report.

MacOS 10.13

The new version of MacOS is expected to come optimised for the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors, better integration and third-party app support for Siri. A complete overhaul of the OS seems unlikely for now, though.

Watch OS 4

WatchOS 4 is likely to come with emphasis on digital health monitoring with support for accessories like glucose monitors and external sleep trackers. Apple might also allow third-party developers to design watch faces for Apple Watch and announce a new store for the same.

TV OS 11

The new TVOS will come ready for streaming shows like the CarPool Karaoke. However, it is being rumoured that TVOS 11 will open its ecosystem for competitors like Amazon Prime Video, but this seems to be highly unlikely considering the exclusivity Apple has maintained so far, the report said.

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