Apple Watch Series 7 launch soon: Specs, new features, design, India price, and all that we know so far

Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive in September this year. A recent report gives us an idea of the expected changes in the new smartwatch. Keeping that in mind, we decided to detail everything we know so far about the Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 6 launched back last year Apple Watch Series 6 launched back last year
Story highlights
  • Apple Watch Series 7 may arrive in September.
  • It may not get the Blood glucose monitoring feature this year.
  • The new Apple Watch may get a flat display.

Apple continues to dominate the smartwatch market with its high-end Apple Watch series. The brand has stuck to the same design all this while with a few changes here and there. But that might change with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

A fresh report says that the new model will be slightly thicker than the previous one. Apple is also exploring ways to reduce the screen bezels. Apart from this, the report also talks about a new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the front cover.

Renders of the Apple Watch Series 7 also surfaced online, showcasing a flat display. The other suggested changes were the addition of blood glucose monitoring, a body temperature sensor, new-swim tracking features and more.

While the upcoming Apple Watch may get a few other features this year. A recent report says that the blood glucose and body temperature tracking feature have been pushed to future Apple Watch iterations.

But that's not it, we have a bunch of other details to share with you. Keeping that in mind, we decided to detail everything known so far about the Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 specs and features

--Like always, there's a lot of hype around the upcoming Apple Watch. Courtesy of the frequent leaks, we have gathered a decent chunk of information to keep you updated with the latest news popping around the same.

--Bloomberg's latest report has a lot to reveal about the Apple Watch Series 7. The report states that the upcoming Apple Watch will feature a faster processor, get better wireless connectivity and an updated display. It also mentions that the company has plans to update the Apple Watch, the lower-end Apple Watch SE and introduce a new version aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts.

Photo Credit- Jon Prosser and Ian Zelbo, Apple Watch Series 7 render

--Previous reports hinted that Apple Watch Series 7 might feature a body temperature sensor and a blood-oxygen sensor. But the latest article says that Apple Watch may take a few more iterations to bring the blood oxygen sensor, whereas the body temperature sensor is likely to make a way in 2022.

--As far as this year's model is concerned, Apple has tested thinner display borders and a new lamination technique to bring the display closer to the front cover. The new Watch is also reported to be slightly thicker but in a barely noticeable way.

--The upcoming iteration will also get updated ultra-wideband functionality, similar to what we've seen in the Apple AirTag. WatchOS 8, previewed at WWDC 2021 with a software update, will bring the capability to unlock doors and hotel rooms. So, we are presuming that Apple Watch Series 7 will be equipped with this feature leveraging the updated ultrawideband support.

--There's also an extreme sports model in works often referred to as "explorer" or "adventure" edition. It was said that this model would be available as early as this year, but the latest reports suggest that it is more likely to arrive in 2022.

--Apple Watch is expected to get a major design change this year. Some time back on his youtube channel FPT, Jon Prosser revealed the complete design of the Apple Watch Series 7. According to the renders, the upcoming smartwatch will feature a flat display, as seen on the latest Apple products. While the overall footprint will remain the same, bezels may get even smaller on the Apple Watch Series 7. Prosser also says that the new Watch will bring new colour options, including a green variant.

The upcoming Apple Watch is tipped to feature a flatter display

--The Apple Watch Series has been long rumoured to feature a micro-LED display. This feature was supposed to arrive on the current iteration, however, that didn't seem to happen. So, we are guessing that it will make a way in the upcoming model. This assumption is backed by a report from Macrumors, which says that Apple could be working with a Taiwanese manufacturer to bring new panels to the Watch in 2021.

--Apart from this, the upcoming Apple Watch is also expected to feature Touch-ID based fingerprint scanner. We have also heard reports about an under-display fingerprint scanner that would hide when not in use. The current Apple Watch is unlocked as soon as the user wears it and remains unlocked until removed. Another way to unlock the device is through face-ID via the connected iPhone. While this could be an important upgrade, some may argue if this feature is even needed.

--The upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 may also see a more powerful chipset. Besides this, it could feature a bigger battery. In fact, a patent indicates that a battery-powered strap could be attached to the smartwatch to double up on its battery life.

--Apple has filed another patent for the addition of a light sensor on the rear of the Watch. This light would shine onto the user's wrist and generate a field image of the area. The image would contain veins that can serve as a unique ID for authentication and unlocking the Watch.

--There are plenty of patents filed by Apple, a few more interesting one's will allow users to blow on their Watch to interact with it and use the smartwatch battery as the haptic engine, giving vibrating feedback when the screen is touched. That being said, these are just patents and may not appear on the actual product.

Apple Watch Series 7 launch date

Apple has had a consistent track record when it comes to the launch of Apple Watches. The brand has been launching Apple Watch in September since its inception. So, it's easy to assume that Apple Watch Series 7 will arrive in September this year again.

However, it's not confirmed if Apple will launch its upcoming smartwatch alongside new iPhones. We say that because Apple split the next-gen Apple Watch and iPhone events for the first-time last year.

Apple Watch Series 7 India price

Apple has been pretty static with the pricing of the Apple Watch. The current iteration, i.e. the Apple Watch Series 6, starts at Rs 40,900 ($399). So, we are guessing, Apple Watch Series 7 will arrive at the same price.