WhatsApp Tips: How to make chat app more secure and private

WhatsApp Tips: How to make chat app more secure and private

WhatsApp has implemented end-to-end encryption for its billion-plus users to ensure that the conversations on the platform remains private

5 security and privacy features in WhatsApp 5 security and privacy features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the most popular chat app in the world, is also working towards being more secure and private. The Facebook-owned messaging app has been constantly releasing updates to stay ahead of the game. WhatsApp has already implemented end-to-end encryption for its billion-plus users ensuring that the conversation between the people on the platform remains private. However, there are some more steps you can take to protect your security and privacy.

Enable WhatsApp's two-factor authentication: The two-step verification is optional on WhatsApp, but ideally, the user should secure their WhatsApp account with this feature. Once the two-step verification is enabled, any attempt to verify the phone number on WhatsApp will require a six-digit passcode that is created by the user.

Verify WhatsApp security code: Every chat on WhatsApp has its own security code. The code is used to make sure that the chat is encrypted. To verify a security code, the user either needs a photo of the security code that has been assigned or the phone of the person itself. These security codes change when you install/uninstall WhatsApp or change the phone. If the security code of your contact changes, you will get an alert in the chat thread.

Disable WhatsApp's cloud backup: WhatsApp takes the back up of every message, video or the photo that is shared on the Google Drive or the iCloud. The sad part, however, is that these backups are not encrypted. Therefore, if you want to ensure privacy, stop uploading the data on to the cloud.

Stay away from unofficial WhatsApp applications: Altered versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp violate the terms of service of the chat app. WhatsApp has also said that it will temporarily ban users who use third-party apps. Such third party apps could allow malicious users to gain access to your phone.

Control your privacy on WhatsApp: WhatsApp is trying hard to protect you from the outside world, but for true privacy, you should also tweak a few settings in the app. Privacy menu of WhatsApp gives you complete control over your last seen, read receipts, about, status, and much more.

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