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WhatsApp update: From self-destructing messages to dark mode, 7 features still missing in chat app

WhatsApp features: Hre're some top features that WhatsApp must implement before the end of the year for both iOS and Android users

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | October 7, 2019 | Updated 12:19 IST
WhatsApp update: From self-destructing messages to dark mode, 7 features still missing in chat app

WhatsApp is endlessly working on new features for the billions of its users around the world. The Facebook-owned company has had a busy 2019 and the chat app has added new features every month since the beginning of the year. However, some big features are still missing and WhatsApp knows about them. It has been working on features like Dark Mode since last year and has not been able to implement it yet. Few other features have been rumoured since long but haven't seen the light of day yet. Let's take a look at some top features that WhatsApp must implement before the end of the year.

Self-destructing messages: The self-destructing messages will make WhatsApp a really powerful platform where users will be able to send messages that self-destruct after a set period. "The feature is in an alpha stage of development: it means that WhatsApp is just starting to work on it, and no ETA is available to know when the feature will be available for everyone", WABetaInfo said in a post. WhatsApp already has a 'Delete for Everyone' feature and the self-destructing message feature will just add an extra layer of security and privacy to users' accounts.

Hide muted status: WhatsApp lets its users to mute status updates that they don't want to see under their status bar. The status, however, still appears in the users' feed at the bottom. Going forward, the messaging app will allow users to completely hide the status from the feed. Meanwhile, the in future in a user wants to view the hidden status, WhatsApp will give a one-tap access to those hidden status updates.

Dark Mode: Dark Mode is everywhere and every major mobile app like Gmail, Google Chrome and even Facebook's Messenger has a dark mode now. However, WhatsApp is still working on it and the mode could make an appearance on the messaging platform in the coming months. One major advantage of having a dark mode, other than the fact that it looks good, is that it saves battery, especially on the ones having AMOLED displays.

Ranking of contacts: The new feature will keep your favourite contacts up on top all the time. The ranking feature will automatically rank contacts by detecting which contacts you interact with more.

Multi-platform support for WhatsApp: WhatsApp will rollout multi-platform support, which will allow its users to use the app at different platform simultaneously. WhatsApp Web tries hard to let users access the chat app anywhere, but it is still limited as it only mirrors the existing app and does not have any distinct feature. The new multi-platform feature will first come as a standalone app for Apple's iPad.

Boomerang videos for WhatsApp: WhatsApp will soon get Instagram's Boomerang feature that will allow users to play a video in loop. It will be available in the Video Type panel along with the convert to GIF feature.

WhatsApp calls using Google Assistant: The upcoming WhatsApp feature will let users make audio and video calls. Android users can start using the feature by just updating the WhatsApp and the Google Assistant app. Once done, say "Hey Google, WhatsApp video <contact name>."

Edited By: Udit Verma

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