Lok Sabha Election 2019 LIVE updates: This election is between Anil Ambani and people of India, says Rahul Gandhi

Lok Sabha Election 2019 LIVE updates: This election is between Anil Ambani and people of India, says Rahul Gandhi

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Addressing a rally in Chitradurga, Karnataka, Congress president Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Narendra Modi and reiterated the promise to give 33 per cent reservation to women

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

While addressing a rally in Tamil Nadu's Ramanathapuram, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when Congress was in power, terrorists would attack the nation regularly. He alleged that the party remained helpless. In another rally in Theni, PM Modi invoked the 1984 Sikh riots and the Bhopal gas tragedy. Taking a jibe at Congress' minimum income scheme NYAY, Modi asked who will do NYAY (justice) to the victims of these two incidents. He also took a jibe at former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram and said, "Father becomes the Finance Minister and son loots the country. Whenever they are in government, they always loot." He is scheduled to address another rally in Mangalore and then another one in Bengaluru South in Karnataka. Congress President Rahul Gandhi will address three rallies in Karnataka. He will start with Kolar, then will move to Chitradurag and eventually go to Krishnarajanagara.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley took to Twitter to criticise the Opposition and said that they were on a "Rent a Cause" campaign. He said that they could not find any fault in the current government and since have been picking on an issue one day and another issue the next day. He also retorted to the trolling over Smriti Irani's educational qualifications and said that a "public audit of Rahul Gandhi's academic credentials may leave a lot to be answered. Afterall, he got an M.Phil without a Masters degree."

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7:38pm: Congress has released list of candidates for upcoming phases of 2019 Lok Sabha election. The list includes candidates for Lok Sabha seats in Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

6:03pm: "We are committed to giving women 33% reservation in the Assemblies and the Lok Sabha, and also in central govt jobs," Rahul Gandhi said at Chitradurga, Karnataka.

6:00pm: "This election is fought between Anil Ambani and the common people of India. It is a battle between lies and the truth. In India, the truth will always win. Truth, love and brotherhood will stand victorious in the 2019 election," said Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Chitradurga, Karnataka.

3:45pm: "For 55 years Rahul baba and company ruled the country but couldn't do anything for the poor. They have done nothing except corruption," said Amit Shah in UP's Shahjahanpur.

3:40pm: "Today entire country is chanting Modi, Modi because the people of this country have decided that they want Modi ji as the prime minister," said Amit Shah in Shahjahanpur.

3:15pm: Mayawati said at a public meeting, "Both Ali and Bajrangbali are with us. Bajrangbali because he is connected with the Dalits. We didn't find out his caste, UP CM himself did."

3:00pm: "SP-BSP's highhandedness was going on in UP... There was a time the police were afraid of the goons, today the goons roam around with boards around their necks. This has done by the Bharatiya Janata Party," Amit Shah said.

2:53pm: "BJP government is moving ahead on the path to development. We want to develop Uttar Pradesh," said BJP chief Amit Shah during a rally in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh.

2:50pm: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister met Election Commission officials to discuss variety of issues including EVMs and transfers of state officers.

2:40pm: "I would request all not to vote for CPI(M) and also please do not waste your vote by giving it to Congress. I was in Congress then quit and formed Trinamool, following which you are witnessing development," said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during a rally in Siliguri.

2:06pm: "If you go to Delhi, prime real estate has been used for the memorials of members of one family as if no other person contributed to India except one family," said PM Modi.

2:04pm: "We brought a bill in the Parliament to abolish practice of Triple Talaq but Congress, DMK and Muslim League opposed it. These parties do not believe in dignity of women. Congress, communists and the Muslim League are playing a dangerous game regarding the Sabrimala temple. They are using brute force to strike at the root of faith and express. Sadly for them, till BJP is there no one will be able to destroy our faith and culture

1:59pm: "Those who cannot protect India can never develop the nation. When the Congress and their allies were in power, terrorists were attacking the nation regularly. City after city, there were blasts. But, Congress remained helpless and silent. Times have changed now. India will not spare a single terrorist or jihadis. If there dare to attack us, we will find them from wherever they are and ruin their happiness," said PM Modi in Ramanathapuram.

1:57pm: "Our hardworking fishermen depend on the seas for their income. Your Chowkidar has been able to take path-breaking decisions for welfare of fishermen. Almost 1900 Indian fishermen have been released from Sri Lanka. Some of them who came back were facing death sentence," said PM Modi.

1:54pm: "After 23rd May, when the Modi Government will once again assume office, there will be a separate Ministry for Jal Shakti. This Ministry will cater to many aspects relating to water," said PM Modi.

1:50pm: "For this region, we have given importance to connectivity and tourism. Work is fast progressing on doubling of railway tracks between Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi. The 100-year-old Pamban Bridge has been transformed into a state-of-the-art bridge," said PM Modi in Ramanathapuram.

1:45pm: "I am an MP from Varanasi which is connected to Ramanathapuram by the bonds of faith and spirituality. Coming to Ramanathapuram reminds one of the great Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had several dreams for our nation. Today, it is our duty to fulfill those dreams and take India to new heights of growth and glory," said PM Modi in Ramanathapuram.

1:15pm: Mayawati says attempts are being made to spread hatred.

12:50pm: Talking about Maneka Gandhi's comment on Muslim voters, Hema Malini said, "On Triple Talaq issue many minority community women support us but even if they don't, you have to help everybody. It doesn't matter who voted for us and who did not. This kind of feeling doesn't come to me. Everybody is different."

12:45pm: "I am very confident of a win because I have done good work, my Government has done good work, so I am sure people will support us. Whole system is changing, people want development, caste politics now doesn't work," said Hema Malini in an interview to ANI.

12:30pm: "The Signature Campaign Propaganda proved to be terrible for the Congress party as many of academics, economists, artistes, ex-civil servants and even some former soldiers, whose signatures been put, publicly stated that they never consented for putting their signatures. One day the focus would be on the BJP candidate's educational qualification, fully forgetting that a public audit of Rahul Gandhi's academic credentials may leave a lot to be answered. Afterall, he got an M.Phil without a Masters degree," Jaitley tweeted.

12:25pm: "To oust a popular govt. and an extremely popular Prime Minister, you need real issues not fictional ones. The Opposition wasted the past two years in the run-up to the poll "manufacturing issues"  which didn't exist. The Rafale or the EVM proved to be fake issues only. The BJP and its allies are speaking directly to the people. Crores of campaigners are carrying the message of the party and the govt. to the people. The plight of the Opposition campaign is that it could not built up a single major issue against the govt. in the past five years," tweeted Jaitley.

12:20pm: "First phase of 2019 parliamentary polls got over and the "Modi" factor was writ large across the country. Opposition parties still renting an issue and are in disarray as alliances in many States have not worked out. Obviously the multi-cornered contest favours the BJP. On the leadership issue the situation of opposition parties look gloomier than what I had thought. The BSP leader Mayawati, the Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee leave no stone unturned in running down the Congress President. No doubt it is advantage BJP," Jaitley tweeted.

12:15pm: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says India's Opposition is on a "Rent-a-Cause" campaign.

12:07pm: "I want to ask the Congress party - Who will do Nyay to the victims of the 1984 Sikh riots? Who will do Nyay to the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, among the worst environment disasters in India," said PM Modi in Theni.

12:05pm: "The Madhya Pradesh govt has become their ATM. They are diverting money meant for the poor and the children for use in the election. This has become known as the Tughlak Road scandal. Nation knows which Congress leader stays on Tughlak Road in New Delhi," said Modi in Theni.

12:00pm: "What all have we been witness to? Father becomes the Finance Minister and son loots the country. Whenever they are in government, they always loot," said Modi in Theni.

11:56am: "Some days ago, DMK supremo projected the Naamdaar as Prime Minister. But no one was ready to accept it. Not even their Maha Milawati friends, because they all want to be PM," said Modi in Theni.

11:52am: "Today, India is rapidly making a mark in the world. The Congress, DMK and their 'Mahamilavati' friends can't accept this hence they're unhappy with me," said PM Modi in Theni.

11:50am: "I pay homage to great MGR and Jayalalithaa ji. India is proud of these two iconic leaders who lived and worked for the poor," said Modi in Theni.

11:45am: "The temperature is high and so is the enthusiasm. I thank all who have come today to bless us," said PM Modi in Theni, Tamil Nadu.

11:25am: Poll strategist Prashant Kishor dared RJD supremo Lalu Prasad on Saturday to tell the media what transpired during their talks, a day after former Bihar chief minister Rabri Devi claimed that Kishor had met her husband with the proposal to merge the JD(U) and the RJD. Kishor tweeted that "those convicted or facing charges of abuse of public office and misappropriation of funds are claiming to be the custodians of truth". "Whenever Lalu Prasad ji wants, he should sit with me before the media as it would let everybody know what transpired between me and him and who gave an offer to whom," Kishor said in a tweet.

11:15am: Rabri Devi said, "Nitish Kumar wanted to come back. He had said that he wants to see Tejashwi as CM in 2020 and wanted to be declared as the PM candidate. Even, Prashant Kishor came to meet us five times after our alliance had ended."

11:00am: Congress President Rahul Gandhi will address three rallies in Karnataka. He will start with Kolar, then will move to Chitradurag and eventually go to Krishnarajanagara.

10:45am: On the centenary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Their memory inspires us to work even harder to build an India they would be proud of." Read the full story here.

10:30am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address two rallies each in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He will address a rally in Theni and then another one in Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu. After that he will go to Mangalore and then to Bengaluru South in Karnataka.

10:15am: "The cost of our freedom must never be forgotten," says Rahul Gandhi on the centenary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Read the full story here.  

10:00am: Two senators wrote a letter to the US Trade Representative (USTR) on Friday, saying, "As you know, India's elections will conclude on May 23, 2019. We believe that the election season may serve as a hindrance for our Indian counterparts in negotiating and concluding a deal on difficult political issues." "If another round of negotiations during the election season does not resolve the outstanding issues, we would ask you to consider delaying the issuance of a Presidential proclamation to withdraw India's GSP benefits by at least 30 days, beyond the 60-day calendar, in order to move the negotiations beyond India's elections," the Senators said. On March 4, 2019, Congress was notified of USTR's intention to terminate India's designation as a beneficiary developing country under GSP due to a lack of compliance.

9:45am: Congress President Rahul Gandhi offers prayers at Golden Temple in Amritsar.

9:43am: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti Friday accused BJP chief Amit Shah of shaking the country's foundations with his recent controversial statements, and asked him to apologise to the people. Calling illegal migrants from Bangladesh "termites", the BJP president had said that his party would throw them out after coming to power at the Centre for a second consecutive term. "It is not only for Hindus, Sikhs or Muslims, the country is for everyone. I think by such statements, they are trying to shake the foundations of the country. They have become a danger for the country. Such statements are an attack on the country's secularism," she said.

9:41am: A day after the Election Commission directed that all recorded programmes displayed on NaMo TV be pre-certified, the Delhi poll body has directed the BJP not to air any content on the platform without its certification. The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Delhi wrote to BJP to ensure that all political content not approved be removed. "As a precautionary measure, two officials have been deployed to watch NaMo TV and monitor its content," officials said. Read the full story here.

9:40am: Polling parties in Arunachal Pradesh at Luguthang - Mukto Assembly Constituency, which is at an altitude of 13,583 ft.


9:35am: "If someone tries to break India, should they be forgiven? They say they will end the sedition law, to whom are they giving a signal? If our government comes to power we will make the sedition law even more stringent," said Rajnath Singh in Botad.

9:30am: Union Home Min Rajnath Singh in Botad, Gujarat: "A former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said there should be two Prime Ministers in India, one for J&K and other for rest of the country. I've given a warning, if a demand for 2 PMs is made in India then we have no other option but to repeal article 370 and 35A."