PM Modi Speech Live Updates: 'Stay where you are,' says PM Modi while declaring complete lockdown in India

PM Modi Speech Live Updates: 'Stay where you are,' says PM Modi while declaring complete lockdown in India

Coronavirus in India: "Forget what it is like stepping out of the house for 21 days. Stay at home and only stay at home," says PM Modi while announcing complete lockdown in India for 21 days

PM Narendra Modi Speech on Coronavirus Live Updates (File photo) PM Narendra Modi Speech on Coronavirus Live Updates (File photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 8:00 pm on Tuesday on coronavirus outbreak in India. The Prime Minister said he will share details "on vital aspects relating to the menace of COVID-19". Cases of coronavirus infection in India have crossed 500, and 9 patients have died in the country due the deadly virus.

Earlier today, addressing the media via video conferencing, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the government is very close to announcing an economic package to help sectors tide over the crisis. She rolled out a slew of measures to help individuals and businesses with various statutory and regulatory compliance matters.

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8.59: Ministry of Home Affairs will shortly issue guidelines of effective measures and exceptions to the essential services during this 21-day lockdown. There will shortly be an MHA 24/7 hotline to assist states during this period.


8.54 pm: IN PICTURES: People throng Sant Nagar to buy essentials.

8.37 pm: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan welcomes complete lockdown in India

8.32 pm: 21 days is a lon tine, but it is the only way to tackle this crisis, says PM Modi.

8.31 pm: Don't take any medicine without doctor's prescription, urges PM Modi.

8.30 pm: Avoid rumours and superstitions, says PM Modi.

8.29 pm: I am happy that private sector is standing shoulder to shoulder with the nation in these times of crisis and contagion, says PM Modi

8.28 pm: Centre has made provisions for Rs 15,000 crore to strengthen the health infrastructure in India, says PM Modi.

8.22 pm: I appeal to you that while staying at home, remember and pray for people who are putting their lives at risk in these difficult times, says PM Modi.

8.20 pm: Citizens of these countries followed government orders and stayed home, says PM Modi.

8.20 pm: Ray of hope in these times comes from countries that have been able to control the spread of coronavirus to some extent, says PM Modi.

8.18 pm: When it starts spreading, it is very difficult to stop coronavirus, says the PM. That's why situation has worsened in several countries.

8.16 pm: WHO says that one infected person can infect hundreds more, says PM Modi.

8.13 pm: You must not forget that sometimes people infected with coronavirus appear to be healthy. They do not look sick at all, says PM Modi.

8.12 pm: Forget what it is like stepping out of the house for 21 days. Stay at home and only stay at home: PM Modi.

8.12 pm: If we cannot manage this 21 days, then India will be pushed back by 21 years: PM Modi.

8.11 pm: This lockdown will be for 21 days, says PM Modi.

8.11 pm: I urge you to stay wherever you are in the country, says PM Modi.

8.10 pm: India will bear the financial consequences of the lockdown. But to save the lives of every Indian is my biggest priority, says PM Modi.

8.09 pm: You cannot step out of your house from 12 am onwards today, says PM Modi.

8.09 pm: From 12 am tonight, the entire country will be in complete lockdown, says PM Modi.

8.08 pm: Some people's irresponsible actions will put India in grave danger, says PM

8.07 pm: Some people are mistaken that social distancing is only for the patients. That's wrong. Social distancing is for everyone, for everyone in the family. Social distancing is even for the Prime Minister, says PM Modi.

8.04 pm: Social distancing is the only option to fight against coronavirus, says PM Modi.

8.03 pm: Coronavirus is spreading so rapidly that despite all preparedness, challenges continue to rise in certain countries, says PM Modi.

8.02 pm: This Janta Curfew show that Indian come together to combat every travesty, says PM Modi.

8.01 pm: Every Indian contributed to Janta Curdew, says PM Modi.

7.59 pm: PM Modi's address to begin shortly.

7.45 pm: PM Modi has said that people over 65 years of age should avoid going out as they are more at risk.

7.41 pm: In his address tonigh, PM Modi might once again strongly urge people to stay at home. He has complained about people not taking the lockdown across various states of India seriously.

7.36 pm: Meanwhile, Centre has asked states to set aside funds to fight coronavirus. Some states have already allocated funds for the cause. PM Modi might talk about this aspect too.

7.32 pm: Earlier today, PIB Fact Check refuted reports that PM Modi will announce a financial emergency to fight coronavirus. On its Twitter handle, PIB Fact Check said that the report is malicious and fake and there is no plan to declare a financial emergency.

7.29 pm: In his previous messages, PM Modi has been emphasising on social distancing. He has advised employers to allow their employees to work from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

7.23 pm: Hopes of an economic stimulus will be there as PM Modi addresses the nation tonight. FM Sitharaman has assured that the government is very close to finalising an economic package.

7.10 pm: PM Modi might also share details on the progress of COVID-19 economic response task force that he announced in his previous address to the nation. Earlier today, FM Nirmala Sitharaman said that the formation of task force is well on the way.

7.07 pm: Talking to the media via video conferencing earlier today, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that PM Modi is closely monitoring the situation and an economic package will be announced soon.

7.02 pm: In his address today, PM Modi could share the steps taken by his government so far to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Number of confirmed cases has crossed 500 in India so far, and 9 deaths due to the respiratory infection have been reported.

7.00 pm: PM Modi also interacted with healthcare workers via video conferencing at 5:00 pm today.

6.53 pm: During his interaction via video links with senior journalists, PM Narendra Modi emphasised on the need to keep the fighting spirit of the people up while tackling the spread of the virus.

6:52 pm: Talking to senior journalists from print media earlier today, PM Narendra Modi while interacting with senior journalists from the print media said citizens need to be assured that the government is committed to countering the impact of coronavirus.

6.45 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 8:00 PM today.