Tesla's EV charging stations are a glimpse of the future! Over 20,000 units installed in US

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to build factories around the world to keep its position as the best electric car company intact. It has invested $1 billion in the past quarter to set up new factories in Austin, Texas, Brandenburg, and Germany

Tesla Inc's charging station in the US Tesla Inc's charging station in the US

US electric carmaker Tesla Inc has announced setting up of 20,000 charging stations across the United States. "Around 20,000 superchargers and counting," the company put out a tweet today. The company aims to develop 20 million vehicles by the year 2030. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to build factories around the world to keep its position as the world's best electric car company intact.

Under this plan, the company has invested $1 billion in the past quarter of the fiscal year to set up new factories in major cities of the world, including Austin, Texas, Brandenburg, and Germany.

"I'm not saying for sure we'll hit 20 million vehicles. But it does seem like a good goal to have because that would mean that we're replacing 1 percent of the global fleet per year," Musk had told analysts during a conference call recently.

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On its India plans, Musk has been assuring the company would soon enter the market. Fans also have been waiting desperately for the company to announce its foray.

Musk, while replying to a query on Twitter last month, gave a hint, saying the US electric carmaker could make a debut in the country in 2021. He was asked by a Tesla fan club, Tesla Club India, whether he could give some idea about the US electric carmaker's plans about entering the Indian market.  

"Hey Elon , just thought we'd put this out here. We wait and hang on to hope wrt "hopefully soon" for India Tesla entry. Would love to hear of any progress in this regard," the club wrote, while displaying Telsa merchandise that said "India loves Tesla'' and "India wants Tesla".

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The billionaire tycoon affirmed saying "Yea..Next year for sure." Analysts see India as a big EV destination for Tesla. They also see Tesla entering the Indian market soon, saying 2021 could be India's year for Tesla.

Craig Irwin, an analyst with Roth Capital, told CNBC this month that indicators suggest Tesla's entry into the Indian market is a very high probability for 2021. "India will be as big as China, and maybe even bigger as there are no trade or geopolitical conflicts impacting the background," Irwin added.

Moreover, the electric two-wheeler penetration in India is expected to reach 25-35 per cent and that of e-three-wheelers at 65-75 per cent by 2030, a report, 'Shifting Gears, the evolving electric vehicle landscapes in India', prepared by KPMG in association with CII, has revealed.

To give a boost to green mobility in India, the government has also launched a Phased Manufacturing Programme under FAME-II through which it is pushing the indigenisation of parts. The government has also outlined plans to set up battery manufacturing plants in India.

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