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Vistara boss Sanjiv Kapoor calls out troll for posting photo of sleeping flight attendant; Twitterati lauds him

Vistara Chief Commercial Officer Sanjiv Kapoor asked the user to do the right thing and take the photo down

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | December 6, 2019 | Updated 16:46 IST
Vistara boss Sanjiv Kapoor calls out troll for posting photo of sleeping flight attendant; Twitterati lauds him
Twitter users lauded Sanjiv Kapoor for supporting the flight attendant

Vistara boss Sanjiv Kapoor has come to the rescue of a flight attendant who was being criticised for taking a nap at the airport. A Twitter user posted a photo of a Vistara flight attendant taking a nap at Bengaluru's Kempegowda Airport's lounge and tagged Sanjiv Kapoor. The user posted the photo and said, "Your cabin crew providing negative image of **** airline @BLR domestic lounge on December 3. Please improve your image provided by the cabin crew."

Chief Commercial Officer Kapoor responded to the tweet and blasted the troll for clicking the picture without permission. "We do not condone such photos being taken of our crew or customers without their permission, nor do we think it is correct to post such photos on social media. Our crew are the finest in the industry, and are human too. We suggest you do the right thing and take the photo down," said Kapoor.

The tweet has since been taken down by the user.

Twitterati poured in their support for the Vistara chief and criticised the user for taking the picture without permission. "This is in very bad taste and judgement. Actually, Twitter should take this down, as it's a clear violation of your crew member's fundamental rights. It's no secret that Cabin Crew have probably amongst the toughest jobs! Leave em alone Mr.Analyst!" said a user while another one said, "Hats off to you Sanjiv for supporting your staff. Nowadays people have become insensitive that they tend to forget that we are humans first. Cabin crew are not superhumans. You just cannot click and upload anyone's picture on social media without his/her permission; it's a crime."

Another section of Twitter commended Kapoor for supporting the employee and called him a 'cool boss'. "This is the kind of boss I would like to work for/with. Hats off!" said a user and another one said, "Mr Kapoor Thank you for supporting the crew member. There are not many superiors like you in India. Greatly admire you."

Kapoor took to Twitter to respond to the overwhelming messages. "Thank you all for your positive and supportive comments, it means a lot to us and to all crew everywhere. To those asking why this crew was napping in the lounge: she was on a break between flights, and the lounge was specifically provided for the crew to rest in. Thank you," he replied.

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