Oily Mess

A sharp increase in global crude oil prices has pushed retail rates of petrol and diesel to historic highs. Taxes are partly to be blamed, but reducing excise duties may not be easy for a cash-strapped government


Private equity and overseas companies are taking over domestic healthcare chains, creating a new pecking order

The local delivery boom as a result of the lockdown seems to be tapering off

Private equity and stressed asset funds continue to show interest in acquiring value assets undergoing insolvency proceedings despite delays and litigation

Government wants to promote the domestic telecom equipment industry by keeping out Chinese vendors. But that's easier said than done

A campaign for boycott of Chinese products is opening up opportunities for local brands in smartphones and TVs. But do they have the scale to upstage the Chinese?

Branding goes for course correction to reach consumers stuck at home


Private security and facility management industry has bounced back from pandemic pangs, and is prepping for the big leap

As debt-laden distressed companies fall by the wayside, some cash-rich large companies are practically monopolising their sectors

A significant spike in prices of key raw materials post lockdown has thrown a curveball at the revival story of India Inc

The cloud kitchen business takes off as the pandemic changes the food and beverages landscape

The pandemic is set to push the auto industry back by over a decade. Partial recovery in June and July has raised hopes, but will it sustain?

Evolving regulations and poor infrastructure are turning out to be pain points for the private healthcare sector, already struggling to manage the virus outbreak

India's nascent microbrewery industry is facing the double whammy of lockdown blues and high taxation