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Edition: September 22, 2019

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Pain Of Debt

Pain Of Debt

Government, corporates and even households are deep in debt. In a slowing economy this could only escalate

Editor's Note
Debt is not a bad thing when used judiciously to build assets and grow a business. But if the cost of funds become higher than the value it is creating, it becomes a problem
Leadership Spotlight

He has been with the world's biggest brewer for over 15 years and headed business operations in Europe. In India, he has led the company's growth across several brands, including Beck's Ice and Budweiser

The Buzz
The fight, between IndiGo promoters Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia, began early last year was settled with IndiGo adopting a new policy for related party transactions (RPTs), and increasing the board strength from six to 10
The Hub

The Finance Minister has announced a mini-stimulus package to arrest the economic slowdown. But the economy needs much more than piecemeal solutions

The Break-Out Zone
A new way of understanding and analysing recent data fusillade
Special Reports

India must increase farm income and become globally competitive. Technology can help

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