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  • CEOs are getting paid more than before. But is there a co-relation between pay and performance?
  • The proposed capping of bankers compensation will encourage quality growth but also hit profitability and risk-taking ability of the institution.
  • From global family insurance to minimum tenure, India Inc. is going out of the way to keep its honchos happy. But not all perks are in black and white.
  • Most CEOs started with modest salaries which pale in comparison with what they earn today.
  • CEOs are increasingly negotiating golden handshakes into their contracts.
  • CEO search in corporate India is becoming increasingly complex.
  • These companies have the highest market value among those led by promoters. Yet, remuneration of their leaders is relatively modest.
  • All work and no play makes you a dull person. CEOs are following this old adage and, in spite of their impossibly long working hours, finding time to do the things they love. BT spoke to some of the top executives.
  • Larger than life CEOs are becoming history as technologies and new management equations change businesses.
The Buzz Candidate Report

Candidate Report

Forty-nine per cent candidates (Phase I) said their educational qualification was graduation or above. This was 48 per cent in Phase II and 43 per cent in Phase III.

Mediation for faster resolution

The inability of the IBC to dispose of a majority of the cases within the stipulated time is bothering the government and the regulator.

Limited Gains For Equity Investors

Ten-year bond yields in the US are up nearly 20 basis points from their lows in March.

Spooking the Sensex

IMD has forecast a near-normal monsoon, even as private weather forecaster Skymet sees below average rains this year.

Contrasting Signals

The Reserve Bank of India will go for a rate cut for the third consecutive time in June.

Can TCS help cut losses?

TCS has deployed an integrated solution for modernising India Post, which has over 150,000 post offices.

Recalled To Life

The Madras High Court lifted the ban on TikTok, but what should be done to deal with obscene content in the long run?

P2P Rental Rides Experiential Wave

The Mumbai-based company offers top gadgets, luxury cruises, chopper rides and more.

Slow On Development

One big hurdle has been the increasing size of pending fund installments.

Bonanza For New Government

Reserves are needed for emergency and contingency as RBI is the lender of last resort.

Hospitals To File FIRs

The Delhi government has asked staff and doctors of state-run hospitals and medical institutions to not file police complaints in individual capacity.

Tough Times Ahead

With the US refusing to extend the waiver on oil imports from Iran, India's oil headache goes up.
The Break-Out Zone Powerful Performer

Powerful Performer

The 2019 edition comes with a 7.9-inch display with thick bezels and a circular home button below the screen.

Fitness Made Affordable

Versa Lite is the most affordable iteration of the US-based company's 2018 best-seller Fitbit Versa.

Still Wrought With Controversy

Will Aadhaar accelerate progress towards a less corrupt society or will people be coerced to dwell in fear of mass surveillance and privacy breach? Two books take a fresh look at India's digital DNA.

Uber-Cool Showstoppers

From fashionista favourite footwear and ethnic weaves to bespoke outlets and top-shelf single malt, here is a tantalising treasure trove.

When Home Cooking Thrives On Tech

Rustling up a meal will no longer be a quotidian chore but a gourmet journey undertaken by a creative mind.

One Bite At A Time

Robotics researchers have come up with a practical solution to help those who are ill, elderly or differently abled.

When Food Kills

Keep a tab on what you eat as unhealthy diet and subpar nutrition may lead to serious health issues.
The Hub Making Of Competent Leaders

Making Of Competent Leaders

Organisations must embrace a culture of learning to empower leaders with relevant skills and ingrain in them strong values.

Need To Ring-Fence CSO

There is a heated debate in the country not only about how the economy is performing but also the credibility of numbers that measure economic progress.

'Globalisation is moving from products to services and data'

Hans-Paul Burkner, Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group, is among the world's top consultants. In an interview with BT's Goutam Das and Sumant Banerji, Burkner defends globalisation. Edited excerpts:

An Energised Dabur

After a successful succession, India's sixth-largest FMCG company is embarking on a fresh journey under new CEO Mohit Malhotra.

Big Boys' Game

Deep-pocketed global investors are getting ready to monetise commercial real estate assets owned jointly with Indian partners.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


Under his leadership, the IT services company saw a 46 per cent revenue increase last year and its team strength grew over 30 per cent.
Editors note The CEO Pay Conundrum

The CEO Pay Conundrum

One reason is that despite all the discussions and noise, the gap between the CEO's (and other top management) compensation and that of the average worker has only widened over time.