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  • How a host of corporates are partnering with Indian farmers for a win-win yield and lessening agrarian distress.
  • A glut has kept sugar prices low. The resulting arrears to farmers have become a headache for the government in an election year. Can it fix the problem?
The Break-Out Zone Super Smooth

Super Smooth

The seventh-generation Hero Black offers a lot more than capturing 4k videos.

Audio Just Got Better, Cheaper

This is Xiaomi's first foray into the home audio segment in India.

Not Doomed Yet

Climate issues could be resolved if all of us work towards a common goal.

Rise Of The Titan

This Tata Group brand may not be a global success, but there are lessons to be learnt from the disruptive strategies it has adopted to rule the home turf.

Healthcare Ces 2019

A lot of innovative healthcare wearables and devices are entering the market.

Whisper Your Voice Command

Microsoft has come up with a new technology to make talking to your gadgets less awkward.

Time Is Brain

One could lose as many as 1.9 million nerve cells per minute during a stroke; so time is the most crucial factor here for minimising brain damage.
The Buzz Need For Speed

Need For Speed

India's infrastructure spending is estimated to touch at least Rs 50 lakh crore by fy 2022, but the current pace of spending and development is slow.

Catching Up With Peers

Will Infosys overtake TCS in near future?

Learning Experience

Though the insolvency law does include penalties for those who don't pay up after winning the bids, a better process is clearly a preferred option

Chabahar At Last

India hopes that with land access, trade via Chabahar can jump from $2 billion now to $70 billion in just a few years

Profit Matters

Dmart needs to expand to maintain its growth momentum

Earnings Recovery Likely

The RBI has asked banks to make provisions for loans extended to the beleaguered NBFC

Industry Status

The government is offering time-bound clearances to ensure hospitals are empanelled for the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and other schemes.

Customer Connect

Quick access to information and speedy issue resolution are happening on brands' social media platforms.

Cure.Fit High On Health

The Bengaluru-based company provides health and fitness solutions online and offline.

Promising Utopia

India is not rich, and its citizens need the benefits of its welfare programmes

Revival Likely

Is investment activity finally picking up in the economy?

The 5G Conundrum

The ecosystem is still at a nascent stage and debt-laden Indian telcos must find new revenue channels to make fresh investments viable.

Credit Risk

Mudra loans are throwing up fresh NPAs, causing concern among bankers
The Hub Far and Wide

Far and Wide

The hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth in services.

Looking Up

Business confidence rises moderately in the run-up to general elections as corporate leaders expect status quo on microeconomic and macroeconomic indicators, finds the latest Business Today-C fore Business Confidence Survey.

A Look Back For The Way Forward

Key policy changes over the past five years have built economic momentum, but some of these require a rethink.

Proposals, Not Action, On The Cards

The vote-on-account may outline the shape of things to come, but there is little scope for immediate changes in overall tax structure and other areas.

"We Will Keep Investing In India"

Legrand, the France-based global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure with $5.5 billion revenues, has an extensive network in India with 84 offices, 10 manufacturing facilities, 10 training centres and a distribution network of 750 partners and over 11,500 retailers. It has also done five acquisitions in India. Benoit Coquart, Global CEO of Legrand Group, talks to P.B. Jayakumar about business plans for India and global trends in spaces for living and working. Edited excerpts:

Into The Unknown

The government is leaving a mixed bag in terms of economy for its successor.

Small Struggles

One year after GST, industry numbers suggest that the very small FMCG players are struggling; only the mid-level brands are left to give competition to national players.

India Shines Bright

Indian stock markets have been ahead of most emerging markets in 2018. India is set to offer attractive returns as earnings recovery pulls in foreign investors.

Embracing Industry 4.0

Companies in India are taking baby steps with the latest in smart manufacturing as sensors, cobots and software take charge of factory floors.

Millionaires In The Making

While YouTube and OTT players jostle for dominance in the video segment in India, it is the creators who are making merry.
Hospitality Make The Most Of Your Debt

Make The Most Of Your Debt

Four crucial factors that can make or mar your hotel business.

Look And Feel

Package tourism is out. Brands are now focussing on giving travellers experiences of a lifetime.


Why hotel chains are unable to increase room rates in spite of robust demand.

Braced For Growth

Leasing of hotels has emerged as a promising business model, but a lot depends on the brands' risk appetite.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


He pulled back a three-generation-old family business from the brink of bankruptcy by betting big on innovation and diversifying beyond the flagship product line.
Editors note Fixing Farm Problems

Fixing Farm Problems

Pretty much everyone agrees that the problems of farmers are going to play an enormous role in the coming general elections.