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The Break-Out Zone Invest Like A Pro

Invest Like A Pro

Knowing where you stand in the excess-correction cycle will help you figure out an in-sync investment strategy

Treacherous Terrain

The corner office has too many pitfalls, but building relationships with key stakeholders may help when the going gets tough

A Pain In The Neck

Hyperparathyroidism could go undetected for years. if left untreated, it may cause severe health damage

Of Serenity And Splendour

Discover everything you need to know about soul food, soothing decor, graceful fashion and a river retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas

When Holograms Go To Work

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 can be combined with other emerging technologies to help people at work

Makeover Mantra

If your cherished photographs, letters, music or other important documents are locked away in the analogue world, give them a digital lease of life with these simple do-it-yourself steps
Education Starting A New Chapter

Starting A New Chapter

The National Education Policy draft is path-breaking in the changes it suggests to reform Indian education. But implementation and funding could be huge challenges

"B-Schools Should Leverage What's Unique To India"

Sangeet Chowfla, President and CEO, Graduate Management Admission Council, which conducts the Graduate Management Admission Test, speaks to Sonal Khetarpal of Business Today about the demand for specialised courses and rise of non-US B-schools. Edited excerpts:


Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, could be the most convenient way to upskill or reskill people and drive professional growth

Coaching Inc

A motley group of coaching institutes has extended its reach by offering supplement online content for students

Reforming Education

Any improvement in the education sector in India has been in fits and starts. So, while the draft National Education Policy suggests changes in all segments of the sector, online coaching courses and MOOCs help fill in the gaps

Back To School

Organisations, both new and old, big and small, are tying up with MOOC players to help their employees learn and grow
The Buzz Losing Momentum

Losing Momentum

With election-induced slowdown tapering off, experts expect order inflows to improve in the second half of FY20

Slowdown Impacts Investment Too

Market leader Maruti Suzuki, which registered dismal financial results in the first quarter of FY2020, has reportedly put on hold plans to expand capacity at the Gujarat factory

Investors Wait & Watch

The cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh under new chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is keeping investors in a wait and watch mode with clarity yet to emerge on the way ahead on infrastructure, renewable energy and education

Under The Scanner (RPTs )

At the heart of the fight between co-founders of the IndiGo airlines are certain questionable Related Party Transactions or RPTs

Working Session

In a welcome change, the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha appears to be the most productive in the last two decades

Rising Dues

For nearly 16 years, DoT and telcos were at loggerheads as they differed on the adjusted gross revenue (AGR) calculations

Revfin Green Lending

The Delhi-based firm finances owners of e-rickshaws and electric two-wheelers, and will soon support cleantech product manufacturers

Govt Prevails Over Judiciary

Amid talk about recent amendments in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, what got missed was the fight over authority between the judiciary and the government, an issue on which the latter seems to have prevailed

Put Own House In Order

The recent Budget decision on super tax has already led to an outflow of dollars by foreign investors

Tighter Grip

The new CSR norms will force companies to focus on short-term projects
The Hub Piecing Together A Winning Strategy

Piecing Together A Winning Strategy

Winning strategies should have enough flexibility to stay relevant and evolve in a fast-changing environment

"People Are Exaggerating EVs, But We Cannot Burn Fossil Fuels Like In The Past"

It is very important for a country and its politicians to set the right targets. It has become clearer than ever that we (the automobile industry) have to contribute to fighting climate change: Volkmar Denner, the Global CEO of Bosch

Losing Flavour

Dairy cooperatives need to shed their political tone and focus on business to stay afloat

Trade In Shackles

Lack of competitiveness, paucity of risk capital, infrastructure issues and a strong rupee are preventing exports from taking off

Mid-Flight Turbulence

Is the truce between the warring co-founders of IndiGo for real?

White Knight Or Great White Shark?

In a fund starved market, private equity firms with oodles of cash are stepping in to pick up anything they can. But there are dangers

The Sovereign Dilemma

Even if the government decides to go ahead and issue sovereign bonds in foreign currency, its rising borrowings will continue to put pressure on liquidity in the domestic market
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


Harkirat Singh, MD, Aero Club (owns footwear major Woodland), entered the family business in 1993/94, scaled up the brand to Rs 1,250 crore and ventured into new categories
Editors note Death Of A Coffee King

Death Of A Coffee King

Siddhartha is an extreme example of how using debt to fund expansions can undo you