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  • Year 2018 was action packed for investors who saw volatile markets just as rupee hit rock bottom against the dollar. The eco-political conditions also changed quickly - RBI's chief made a premature exit, and the ruling party faced defeat in elections in three states. Here's what lies in store for equity investors in the new year.
Cover Story The Coming Shakeout

The Coming Shakeout

Be it retail, healthcare, education, finance or even homes, technology is providing the consumer a totally different experience.
Company Stock Sensex tumbles 377 points, Nifty slips below 10,700; auto, metal stocks weigh

Sensex tumbles 377 points, Nifty slips below 10,700; auto, metal stocks weigh

In line with benchmark indices the broader markets also settled in red, with mid cap and small cap indices falling as much as 1.03 per cent and 0.58 per cent, respectively.
The Buzz Adieu 2018

Adieu 2018

The value of mobile wallet transactions saw a sharp rise.

Schemes But No Jobs

The worst hit was the trading sector, followed by MSMEs in the plastic, cracker, tanning, stone, and stitching (clothing) sectors.

Let's Talc

J&J vehemently denies any wrong doing, calls its product absolutely safe.

From 'What' To 'How' Of Consumption

"Back-end technologies are changing traditional business models. The 'connected consumer' is changing the way purchase decisions are made."

Is It Time For Drone Taxis?

"Drone taxis can be a solution to both road congestion and the heavy need for infrastructure."

The Future Office

"Technology is set to completely change the nature of your job. Experts differ only on the pace of change and the number of jobs that will be destroyed/created."

Quantum Jump

"Quantum computing is where artificial intelligence was 20 years ago. Given the ease with which this technology takes hold, and that quantum systems are on the cloud, it is available to everyone."

Rise Of The Connected Ecosystem

"Interdevice connectivity and seamless data flow are ushering in an era of infonomics with focus on cost, efficiency and user experience," says Balesh Sharma, CEO of Vodafone Idea.

Schooling Them Differently

"It is widely accepted that children are visual learners. Almost 75 per cent of children's learning is through what they see. India needs to transform the education system using technology to bring in conceptual and personalised learning."

Connected Devices Are Here

"India is taking the first steps to 5G, which offers data speeds that are 20 times faster and allows 100 times more devices to be connected compared to 4G."

Get Set For The Bot Era

"The day is not far when, with sheer computing power along with AI and robotics, we will be able to deal with unstructured tasks."

Drones: The New Frontier

"Drones are about to open up a completely new dimension in application areas as diverse as photography, delivery and security."

3D Printing For Faster Healing

"Failing organs and tissues can be revived or replaced with the help of lab-grown and 3D-printed substitutes," says Dr K Ravindranath, Founder and Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group.

The Digital Abode

"Smart home technology is exciting and full of possibilities. But adoption of new technology comes with challenges, ranging from low level of awareness, wariness, to even inertia."

Towards A Simpler World

"India has one of the lowest insurance penetration rates among the big countries. The government is trying to change this through schemes such as Ayushman Bharat."

The Modal Model

"The government's larger initiatives like GST and specific ones to transform ports, in tandem with technological innovations such as IoT, robotics, and unmanned vehicles and equipment, will first impact transportation of containers, rather than passengers."

Farming Ripe For Makeover

"The impact of rising temperatures, reducing rainfall and declining soil health will soon take a heavy toll on agriculture."

The New Skyways

"As developed nations start using Autonomous Flying Vehicles to offer a multitude of services, Indian drone service providers face a multitude of problems. There are many regulatory challenges as use of large parts of India's airspace is restricted."

The Number Crunchers

"Get ready for lower trading costs and better order execution as algo trading catches on big time with the help of a conducive regulatory framework."

Reshaping Mobility

"By 2030, India will have at least seven mega cities with a population of over 10 million and nearly 50 cities that are at least a million strong. Sustainable mobility solutions will be needed."

A Bridge Over The Lending Gap

"Online P2P lending has emerged as a powerful source of alternative credit in India, especially for MSMEs."

The Promise Of Precision Medicine

"Large-scale genome sequencing and correlating the DNA signatures with specific disease or drug sensitivity will allow clinicians to specify personalised treatment," says Rakesh K Mishra, Director, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology.

The Bharat Breakthrough

Rural and small town India was deprived of the benefits of banking innovations for decades. UPI, with its fast spread and ease of use and adaptability, is breaking the digital divide between India and Bharat.

A Joint Front

"An open source drug discovery programme allows capabilities to be linked and used, at negligible cost. India has already taken a step in this direction," says Samir K Brahmachari, Founder Director, CSIR-IGIB, and Former Director General, CSIR.

Evolution Of The 'Humachine'

"The robo-advisory market worldwide will grow to $2.2 trillion by 2020 as against the current estimate of over $230 billion."

Caution: Tech At Work

"The staid construction industry is rewriting the rules as companies use next-gen technologies. Components are tagged from origin to consumption using sensors," says SN Subrahmanyan, CEO & MD of L&T.

An Autonomous Revolution

India is now the fifth-largest automotive market and home to nine out of ten most polluted cities in the world. Further rapid urbanisation and spread of cities will require it to adopt innovative mobility solutions.

Delivering Economic Growth: One bite at a time

Online food delivery and discovery platforms are changing the way Indians eat, says Sriharsha Majety. The secret sauce: Logistics, data and technology, all deeply embedded in the granular knowledge of Indian food preferences.

Legit Online Chemists

Traditional pharmacies will have to step up if they are to stay in the game

Farm Loan Waiver Is Not The Answer

Rajasthan, the third state that elected the Congress to power, also declared that farm loan waiver

Kotak Vs RBI

When the RBI refused to consider Kotak's preference capital route to dilute the promoter's stake, the courts also declined relief.

Compliance Nightmare

As the third quarter ends, filing annual GST returns appears to have become a challenge

The Three 'I's Of Farming

Income, innovation and integration are key to new-age agriculture as opposed to input-intensive monocropping, along with complementary and supplementary enterprises. These will ensure stability for small and marginal farmers, points out Tomio Shichiri.

Leela Sale

Hotel Leela Ventures is reportedly close to selling its majority stake in Canadian alternative asset manager Brookfield Asset Management


The ambiguity between the two types had stalled India's nascent electric car push spearheaded by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd

Now, for the diplomas in AI, Data Analytics

In the last two years, especially for advanced machine learning and AI, there has been 250-300 per cent increase in the number of people seeking to enrol

Security First

The TRAI expressed hope that In Flight voice and data services would be operational in 3-4 months
Real Estate Go For Your Dream Home

Go For Your Dream Home

Prices are unlikely to rise and interest rates are under control. It makes sense to buy a house in 2019.
Investment In Tiny Doses

In Tiny Doses

Gold has time and again proven itself to be a safe haven. It makes sense to make it a part of the portfolio in spite of not-so-great returns.

Money Matters

Managing your money can be tricky. Send your queries, and top-notch industry leaders will help you resolve any issue.
Mutual Funds Coping With Choppy Markets

Coping With Choppy Markets

Investors are putting their money into equity funds, but navigating a volatile market will require caution and understanding. Here is what you can expect in 2019.
Expert Speak Digital-Only Products Were 10 Per Cent Of Product Mix In 2018

Digital-Only Products Were 10 Per Cent Of Product Mix In 2018

The entire insurance industry grew in 2018 and the same pace is likely to continue in 2019, too, with some segments such as digital-only products seeing a spurt, says Tarun Chugh, CEO and MD, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. In an interview with Money Today's Naveen Kumar, he talks about how the insurance industry is using technology to reach new customers. Edited excerpts:
Insurance A New Era

A New Era

Expect more customer-centric products such as covers for HIV and mental illness. Plus, technology will make processes much smoother and stress-free.
Banking Payments To Ride Digital Push

Payments To Ride Digital Push

UPI has been the biggest game changer in the digital payment space, but new channels could be rolled out in the new year.

Borrowing In 2019: Faster, Easier, More Transparent

Transaction innovations, faster processing and likelihood of lower interest rates will work in favour of borrowers
The Break-Out Zone A Feast Of Fashion And Fine Dining

A Feast Of Fashion And Fine Dining

Fashion is the dominant theme this time, but the gourmet platter and luxe herbals are also here to wow you.

Tech That Disrupts

Top five innovations that will wow you in 2019.

When Masterprint Unlocks Them All

Fingerprints are used everywhere to unlock and authenticate, but researchers are developing master prints to override them.

Heart Of The Matter

Not all remarkable books are widely popular or become bestsellers. But here is a whole bunch published in 2018 which take a deep dive into all that matters - from AI dominance to the rise of technocracy, the fall of start-up ideology and the woeful impact of climate change.

Net Threat

Internet addiction may have serious implications; try a course correction before it begins to hurt.
Editors note Five Predictions For 2019

Five Predictions For 2019

The end of the year is the time when you make lots of resolutions for the New Year, which you invariably break, and lots of predictions as well - most of which turn out to be wrong.