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The Hub High, But Not Enough

High, But Not Enough

The SENSEX has been sailing above the 40,000 level. But the rally is not broad-based

End Practices That Discourage Generics

Rajiv Malik, President, Mylan, speaks about the impact the deal will have on India operations, the challenges in generic drugs and the role that China will play

The Urge To Go Large

A number of biologics with huge markets are going off-patent in the US. Do Indian pharmaceutical companies have it in them to play this high-cost, high-risk game of launching biosimilars?

Bad Score Keeping

Are survey results being withheld or discredited because they don't match the government line or is there an inherent problem in the way India conducts its statistics?

Jobless India

As the economy goes into a tailspin, jobs across industries are becoming a casualty

Collateral Damage

Irrespective of resolutions, companies going through the insolvency process are seeing large number of direct and indirect job losses

Underground And On The Edge

The domestic mining landscape is staring at a major disruption when an estimated 329 mining leases expire and need to be auctioned at the end of this fiscal. The tardy progress of auctions so far indicates the changeover could be very messy.

Break Point

Indian telecom operators continue to be in a fix despite the centres relief
Slowdown Blues Slowdown Blues

Slowdown Blues

Warning signs are becoming more apparent - employment is down, consumption is falling, capital formation is at a low...
The Break-Out Zone The Fun Of Learning

The Fun Of Learning

Shifu Orboot is an addictive learning tool. Once a child gets the hang of Orboot, she is likely to continue exploring

Correct Your Posture

Dipitr's Strack is a small wearable that helps correct posture. All the data - minutes of straight posture, number of slouches and more - is accessible within the app

A Bridge Not Too Far

The blueprint to connect Bharat and India to create a 'bridgital nation' is timely, incisive and imaginative

How To Restrict Google From Saving Data

Selective account management can make your presence more personal

When A Device Commands Your Body

Wearable devices which interact more directly with the human body can stimulate muscles into performing a task

When Heartburn Drugs Turn Deadly

Self-medication and indiscriminate use of drugs to treat acidity and gas will cause more harm than good. their prolonged use may have serious consequences
The Buzz Shopping Comes To Social Channels

Shopping Comes To Social Channels

Social and live-commerce may soon surpass the marketplace model

Aadvik Foods: Alt Dairy Makes Its Mark

The Delhi-based FMCG firm claims to be India's first company to process, brand and market camel milk and related products

Have Earnings Revived?

A bulk of upswing in profit is expected to come from banks that could benefit from National Company Law Tribunal resolutions, credit growth and tax cuts

New Class Of Investors Soon

The SEBI directive will lead to many investment professionals moving away from PMS and applying for other licences

Tough Times Ahead

While companies have already started gearing towards data localisation, the transitioning cost has always been the talking point

Going For The Kill

The success of PSU sales will depend on whether they are actually sold or picked up by another PSU

Battle To Be On Board

The government's push towards digital inclusion and digital transfer of social benefits and performance monitoring are all generating huge volumes of digitised information pertaining to the Indian population

SC reinstates supremacy of secured creditors

The court reiterated that in IBC, it is the CoC which has the ultimate authority over the matter concerning distribution of resolution proceeds

No Respite

The frequent changes in IBC are discouraging global distressed funds as well as strategic investors

Triangular Times Ahead

ArcelorMittal may see India as its base for markets in South Asia to export products. JSW is already aggressive in export markets

On A Familiar Track

Before the EoI is drafted, the GoM and the DIPAM have to fill some gaps, including the lock-in period for the existing employees after the sell-off
Real Estate Improve RERA Implementation

Improve RERA Implementation

RERA has increased transparency but it lacks in leveraging technology and a large inventory of real estate projects remains outside its purview

Flexible Working

The WeWork IPO debacle has not hit the optimism of Indian co-working players

Boom Time

Commercial real estate is on a strong footing even as the residential segment flounders

Looking Up

With residential sales hitting the trough and prices stagnant, the realty market can look forward to better times
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Rajan Aiyer, Vice President and Managing Director, Trimble, India and SAARC Region
Editors note Dichotomous Times

Dichotomous Times

There's more pain in telecom, whose unfortunate decline has eerily coincided with the five-quarter downturn in the economy. Manu Kaushik lays bare the mess and what to expect next