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  • Mutual fund investors must stick to disciplined and systematic investing to do well in the coming year.
The Buzz No Liability, says Facebook

No Liability, says Facebook


Business Today lists out key events for January 2020

Global Business

Eexpedise Medical Tours Made Easy

The Gurgaon-based company offers end-to-end medical tour packages for non-resident Indians as well as patients from other countries

Helping Hand

The fund would also bag investments from institutions such as LIC and SBI, which would expand the corpus to Rs 25,000 crore.

Counting Unicorns

India remains the world's third-largest start-up hub after the US and China with nearly 52 start-ups having the potential to become unicorns.

Demand for level playing field

The Indian solar PV and cell manufacturing industry has about 100 companies, but modules and solar cells imported from countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia are cheaper by at least 10-20 per cent.

Simplistic Solution

Twitter's ban on political advertising may not be as bold as it sounds
India's Most Valuable Companies 2019 BT 500: India's Most Valuable Companies

BT 500: India's Most Valuable Companies

The market churn throws up new winners and losers in BT 500.

A Mixed Bag

An analysis of BT 500 data shows double-digit income and profit growth but market valuations have gone for a toss

Crunch Time

Corporate India strengthened its resolve and tightened its belt, but slowdown hit market capitalisation of BT 500 companies for the first time in seven years.

Motown's Slow Ride

There are numerous reasons for this mess. To begin with, retail prices of petrol and diesel hit record highs in October 2018 due to high international crude oil prices

Feeling the Heat

Average market cap of BT 500 companies has fallen. Unless corporate earnings grow and performance of mid- and small-caps improves, there seems no recovery in sight.

LIC's Bank

LIC's entry into IDBI Bank, the biggest player among top m-cap gainers in banking, brings hope for investors.

Sound Performance

In spite of growing challenges, information technology majors recorded the biggest jump in average market cap between October 2018 and September 2019.

Crunch Time

Corporate India strengthened its resolve and tightened its belt, but slowdown hit market capitalisation of BT 500 companies for the first time in seven years.

Shrinking Level

There are fewer new entrants in BT 500 this year, and their market value is also lower.

How we did it

To arrive at our listing, we began with a master sample of 3,997 listed and actively traded companies. We used BSE market cap in all cases, except for those companies that are listed only on the National Stock Exchange or NSE, which are very few.

On a path to Revival

Tata Steel BSL has seen its fortunes turn around after the acquisition, thus climbing the most positions in BT 500.
Technology Smart and Good-looking

Smart and Good-looking

Xiaomi has come up with a connected gadget that works smart and looks flaunt-worthy in matte white. But given the oil-based cooking done in most Indian kitchens, it is likely to get dirty very quickly.

Out for a Dream Walk

The research team presented a virtual reality (VR) system where users could explore and remain immersed in virtual environments. But they had to wear headsets to experience it and got stared at by people roaming the physical world.

The Odyssey from Classical to Quantum

Google's Sycamore machine just made a calculation that may take a supercomputer 10,000 years to complete.
Executive Health More than Nerve-Racking

More than Nerve-Racking

Vitamin B12 deficiency is on the rise, say doctors, and people are at risk due to poor diet and lack of awareness
Expert Speak Money Matters

Money Matters

Managing your money can be tricky. Send your queries, and personal finance experts will help you resolve any issue.
Investment Time to Get Digital when you travel

Time to Get Digital when you travel

FASTags become mandatory on national highway toll booths from December 1. Here's what you need to do.
Banking External Factors

External Factors

Does it make sense to opt for external benchmark-linked loans?
FROM THE MAG NHAI's Monetisation Gambit

NHAI's Monetisation Gambit

The authority is finding it difficult to sell assets due to economic slowdown and banking crisis
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


Martin Scheepbouwer CEO , OLX GroupHe manages the OLX Group portfolio, including OLX, dubizzle, Avito and letgo. OLX India, a consumer-to- consumer marketplace for used products, has 4.5 million daily active users and gets about seven billion pageviews a month. Over 22,000 cars and 18,000 two-wheelers are listed on OLX everyday.
Editors note Hope over Despair

Hope over Despair

In this 2019 edition of BT 500, corporate India showed its mettle against enormous odds such as regulatory speed breakers - GST and DeMo, financial squeeze and economic downturn. All of which created an uncertain economic environment and stasis.
The Break-Out Zone Forging Ahead

Forging Ahead

The stories of three iconic Indian companies underline how to survive, grow and succeed even in turbulent times

Coding for Kids

The best part about coding is that it will hone the power of reasoning and enhance problem-solving skills.