Courtesy: Rahul Sharma

The Risks of Investing in Foreign Stocks

Jul 01, 2022

Indians are increasingly buying stocks of some of the biggest global companies. But the diversification comes with heightened volatility and currency risks

Illustration by Raj Kishore Verma

How Domestic Investors are Fuelling the Resilience in India’s Markets

May 16, 2022

Foreign investors were always looked upon as the prime drivers of any rally in the Indian stock markets. But the current resilience is only on the back of domestic institutional investors and also the average retail investor. What has changed?

Photo: Reuters

Why Regulators Placed Curbs on IPO Financing

Apr 20, 2022

Rich individuals who are used to making a quick buck in an IPO by using leveraged finance will find the going difficult as twin regulatory moves – one each by RBI and Sebi – have put a spanner in the IPO financing arena. It seems to be good news for retail investors though