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Cover Story

  • Metros will remain the hotspots for real estate, but the future boom towns could be the smaller cities — especially for investment buying.
Nov 16, 2006
Talk Back Talk back

Talk back

It is central to our magazine’s mandate to educate our readers on values of long-term knowledge-based investing.
Expert View Forget quality, focus on customer

Forget quality, focus on customer

Brick and mortar start-ups don't sound as exciting as e-start-ups and, therefore, get less attention from vcs.

An open and shut case?

The right way is to invest regularly in a fund with a good record. In close-ended funds you invest at one go and only on hype.

Get value from your work

We need to realise that career milestones dawn every day but we rarely pause and reflect where our career is heading.

Investing in real asset

Realty scores over most asset classes. But don’t buy a second house based on the rise in valuation of your first property.
Books Smart advice for dummies

Smart advice for dummies

The beauty of Eric Tyson’s book is that it breaks down complex financial concepts into simple explanations, writes financial planner Gaurav Mashruwala.
Careers Are you investing in your career?

Are you investing in your career?

Your career is perhaps your biggest single asset. Here’s how to make it the highest yielding one.
Sector Scenario Sterling returns

Sterling returns

Silver has delivered great returns. It is just that not too many people have noticed.
Brain Trust Confessions of a fund manager

Confessions of a fund manager

The masters of Dalal Street share their investment strategies, their best moments and worst mistakes, and their advice for small investors with MONEY TODAY.
Stocks How to bet safely on 2011

How to bet safely on 2011

Returns from stocks are most dangerous to bet on. But not if you use a benchmark like Nifty. MONEY TODAY tells you how to bet safely on stocks.

The quarterly express

MONEY TODAY presents to you snapshots of recommendations from investment houses.
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Financial hypertension has struck across India, afflicting all professions.
Technology Free and fair

Free and fair

MONEY TODAY presents a guide to using smart technologies to save time, hassle and money.
Banking Keep floating

Keep floating

Rising interest rates have upset the calculations of many floating rate borrowers. But it doesn’t make sense to switch to a fixed rate now.

Cover your home loan

Worried about how your dependants will repay the massive home loan you have taken if something happens to you? Here's what to do.
Mutual Fund The closed-ended comeback

The closed-ended comeback

Closed-ended funds have become fashionable again. Should they find a place in your portfolio?
My Story Home grown joint venture

Home grown joint venture

How direct selling brought the Chaurasias fortune and more.
Portfolio Doctor Higher cover lower premium

Higher cover lower premium

The Bhans of Faridabad have inefficient insurance coverage. They could restructure their insurance portfolio and release more funds to invest in higher-return instruments.At the same time, they could raise their cover.
Tax How do I reduce my tax liability?

How do I reduce my tax liability?

Self-employed professionals have a very wide scope of reducing their tax liability.
Investment Make your house pay back

Make your house pay back

Reverse mortgage is ideally suited for senior citizens who are asset rich but cash poor.
New Business Valves to wealth

Valves to wealth

At age 40, even the most ambitious give up dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Not Jai Prakash Malhotra.
Upfront Money machines

Money machines

What would it have taken to find Infosys (or Wipro or ITC) in 1993? The first requirement was a risk appetite.