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  • For an increasing number of urban Indians, EMI has replaced MRP as the key measure of affordability.A MONEY TODAY guide to smart borrowing.
  • The best or worst kind of  loan, depending on its use.
  • The two-wheeler and passenger car market is zooming. Easy finance is the octane powering that engine.
  • Students are lapping up the still evolving facility.
  • But this is no ordinary loan. There are no EMIs. No post-dated cheques. And no pre-payment charges either.
  • A top-up loan is something like an extra helping. It can be taken in addition to any existing big-value loan.
  • The classic sign of someone in the dangerzone is when they start planning current buying from future earnings.
  • The new rules will require banks to rectify error within a week and Cibil to update the rectification in two weeks.
  • By 2015, the number of Indians who will borrow will cross 500 million, so we need a more efficient recovery mechanism.
  • Question:Where can you find a multitude of young, well-heeled and fancyfree professionals always on the look out for the next purchase? The credit card sharks know the answer and it’s the software boulevards of India.
Dec 14, 2006
Expert View Keep it Simple! Keep it Boring!Keep it Cheap!

Keep it Simple! Keep it Boring!Keep it Cheap!

An ETF is designed to do no better or worse than the benchmark it tracks. Passive investing is low cost and transparent.

Six steps to build great and successful career

Creating successful careers in the corporate world can be quite daunting for the unprepared. You should build a positive attitude .
Careers When to job hop

When to job hop

A fatter pay cheque is not the only reason for a job switch. Change does play an important role in building a rewarding career.
Tax What are the different heads of income?

What are the different heads of income?

There are five heads of income—salary, income from house/property, profit from business or profession, capital gains and income from other sources.
Books Lessons from the world's richest investor

Lessons from the world's richest investor

Financial analyst Parag Parekh finds this book on the legendary investment guru a rewarding read.
Brain Trust Confessions of a Fund Manager

Confessions of a Fund Manager

The masters of Dalal Street share their investment strategies, their best moments and worst mistakes, and their advice for small investors with MONEY TODAY.
Mutual Fund Understanding ETFs

Understanding ETFs

Learn how you can use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to guarantee that your portfolio grows at exactly the same pace as the indices you track.
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

Broken into seven sections of credit ranging from credit card to travel loans, the story is for those who have embraced life on credit, but haven’t yet mastered the rules of this new lifestyle.
Real Estate A New Coat

A New Coat

There’s more to paints than colour and durability.The choice you make can do wonders to the looks and value of your house. Here is a quick guide.

Add-ons for your home

Want a children’s room just for five years? Or a home office for only two years? It’s now possible to make value additions to your home almost whenever and wherever, and for only as long as you want.
Insurance Easy Rider

Easy Rider

Most car owners are not aware of what their vehicles are insured against.A MONEY TODAY primer on how to be financially secure while on the road.
Portfolio Doctor Good going, time for a check

Good going, time for a check

With most of his savings in equities, Mumbai-based Ashish Ladha has chosen an aggressive investment strategy. At his age, he can afford to do so.
Back to the future Evaluating past favourites for present day investors

Evaluating past favourites for present day investors

The Morgan Stanley Growth Fund (MSGF) is the only fund managed by MS. In its high-profile launch, MSGF raised Rs 981.80 crore from about 14.5 lakh investors.
Investment Snapshots of recommendations from investment houses

Snapshots of recommendations from investment houses

This selection of research reports gives information and opinions on companies and industries. Such reports are often filled with jargon, which we must reluctantly inflict on readers since excerpts are verbatim. Six such terms occur in these extracts: EBITDA = Earnings Before Interest,Tax, Depreciation,Amortisation, EV = Enterprise Value, EPS = Earnings Per Share, PE = Price-Earnings, PAT = Profit After Tax and YoY= Year-on-Year.
My Story Stamp of success

Stamp of success

How philately became P. Sharma’s retirement plan. It’s been a passion for the past 50 years and still counting, but he can’t get enough.
Upfront E-commerce 2.0

E-commerce 2.0

The adoption of e-ticketing by many airlines and above all, by the Railways, has been a big driver. Given spends across travel tickets, books, movies, music, gadgets, hotel bookings, jewellery and apparel, it's obvious that e-consumers aren't lacking in a sense of adventure.
New Business Smart learning for a successful business

Smart learning for a successful business

How Delhi-based Shantanu Prakash has made a successful business out of making education exciting and engaging, in India and abroad.
Talk Back Talk Back

Talk Back

Share market is mostly manipulated by interested parties and the public suffers on this account.
Banking Personal loans are for all seasons

Personal loans are for all seasons

Personal loans are for all seasons, if not for all reasons. But the big question of course is the rate of interest. Personal loans are among the most expensive products offered by banks.  
Travel Travel Loans

Travel Loans

The key advantage of a travel loan over the personal loan is that the rate of interest charged is much lower in the former.  Furthermore, it varies depending on factors such as whether it is a clean loan or one which demands collateral security.