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  • Your search for the most rewarding stocks should start with the most favoured industries because the strongest industries often produce the best stocks.
  • Stocks that can make a fortune for you, or lose the one you invested in them.K nowing you are in the company of institutional investors is some comfort.
  • In the past two years mid-cap stocks have given some of the best returns and posted some of the worst losses. Here are the funds' favourites.
  • Many of today's leading stocks we re also leaders yesterday and will be tomorrow. Find out which a re these stocks and whether you should invest in them.
  • To find out which were the stocks most wanted by mutual funds, we examined the portfolios of all open-ended equity mutual funds and equity-oriented balanced funds.
Dec 28, 2006
New Business Dark horse

Dark horse

If entrepreneurship is also about turning failures into successes, Kunwer Sachdev is a born entrepreneur.
My Story The Art of Packaging

The Art of Packaging

Vimla Batham's journey from writing to printing
Portfolio Doctor Well Planned Aggression

Well Planned Aggression

With a large chunk of his savings in equity, software engineer Ganapathi Raman Balasubramanian is an aggressive investor. But he needs to rejig his insurance policies and invest a little more in debt instruments for stability.
Talk Back Talk back

Talk back

'I never knew my passion for electronic goods could help me save on taxes.'

Talk Back

At a time when BPOs and IT companies are hiring loads of young professionals at high salaries, the young generation is having the time of their lives.
Books Fool's Proof

Fool's Proof

If your idea of investment begins and ends with a savings account with a bank, then this book, which attained cult status, is just for you.
Careers What's in a Brand

What's in a Brand

Build your career around the brand 'You' to create a positive image that will help you stand out and prosper in the changing work environment.
Expert View In Defence of Long Tenures

In Defence of Long Tenures

One thing that many in today's world seem to be missing in the mad rush for up to three times jump in salaries and instant growth is the value in building tenure.

Venturing into the Unknown

There is nothing more difficult to handle, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its outcome, than to take the lead in introducing a new order of things.' -Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince.

No more of one-size-fits-all

The general insurance industry has undergone a major transformation in the past few years. Increased consumer awareness of the benefits of insurance has generated many more buyers, doubling the industry's premium income in the past five years.

It pays to be a copy cat

Investors keenly watch the monthly updates of mutual funds and jump on any stock that the funds have added to their portfolio.
Brain Trust Confessions of a Fund Manager

Confessions of a Fund Manager

Sanjay Sinha, who manages over Rs 4,700 crore, shares his investment strategy, his best moments and mistakes, and advice for small investors with MONEY TODAY
Insurance Paying more for poor health

Paying more for poor health

Sedentary lifestyles and faulty eating habits are causing life insurance premiums to go up. Find out what you should not be doing to keep your premium low.
Stocks India's Most Wanted Stocks

India's Most Wanted Stocks

Stocks are one of the best investments you can make - if you pick the right ones.

The one rise that isn't good

I N S I D ESafe HandsMani BhaiTrend SpottingCount all the worries you have as an investor. Stock market may slow its unprecedented journey of wealth creation. The real estate boom may lose steam, if not bust. Value of your precious metals may not rise as fast as it has in recent years. Interest rates on small savings or deposits may fall

Recommendations from investment houses

This selection of research reports gives information and opinions on companies and industries.
Mutual Fund Want to Beat SIPs? Invest Through VIPs

Want to Beat SIPs? Invest Through VIPs

Systematic investment plans have been a hit with investors because they help break investments into easy-to-pay instalments and deliver good returns. But there’s another instalment plan that beats even SIPs in returns. It's the value investment plan or value cost averaging. Here is a low-down on VCAs

SBI One India Fund

The regional model is a marketing ploy. In the end, the SBI One India Fund is just another diversified equity scheme.
Sector Scenario Calling for growth

Calling for growth

The Indian mobile market is in the sweet spot with regard to growth.
Real Estate Old age, new home

Old age, new home

Assisted living complexes that provide independence with companionship to retired people are drawing builders and buyers in large numbers

Paying for First Impressions

The third part of the MONEY TODAY series on enhancing the economic value of your home focusses on doors.
Tax 'Will investing for family member save tax?'

'Will investing for family member save tax?'

Tax exemptions are available only on investments made in the tax payer’s name.

What if...I Change Jobs

Job hops often lead to confusion over filing of tax returns. Surya Bhatia of Asset Managers helps clear the air
Small Fortune Are you chewing your future

Are you chewing your future

If you are a pan masala regular, here is a simple calculation of how much you can save if you quit cosnuming the stuff. If a 35-year-old addict kicks the habit, he can save up to Rs 5.6 lakh by the time he celebrates his 60th birthday. Here's how:
BASICS Investing In Stocks

Investing In Stocks

You may buy shares of roughly 6,000 companies listed on the BSE or NSE, but your portfolio will only boast of a fraction of that.When you buy a stock in a business, you become one of its owners.
Technology Rank and find

Rank and find

Can you "google" without Google? Yes, of course! The default search engine has become synonymous with "search" much like "xerox" and "photocopy".
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

You are as good as the company you keep