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  • We revisit India's most wanted stocks and find out which are the favourite stocks of fund managers and the hottest sectors they are investing your money in.
Dec 27, 2007
Real Estate Thiruvananthapuram, south India's knowledge city

Thiruvananthapuram, south India's knowledge city

Kerala's capital is fast emerging as an important knowledge city of south India and is rated high among tier II cities for its improved infrastructure.

Big house small price

As property prices head north and out of reach of many, it makes sense to pool resources with friends or relatives to buy land and share ownership.
Technology Hi-tech camping

Hi-tech camping

If you don't plan your trip far enough in advance, chances are you won't find an accommodation. So, what do you do? Why, carry your room with you, of course.
Insight Currencies, shares and market clocks

Currencies, shares and market clocks

This snapshot of the rupee's performance, stock price comparisons and details on world marhet clocks will keep you updated on the world front.

Fuel proof

Here's a new section that compares prices of products and services in the past with what they are today and what they may be in the future.
Your Wallet Bargain buy: Microwave

Bargain buy: Microwave

Here we highlight the least expensive model in a product category. This time its microwaves.
Mutual Fund Magnum Tax Gain on top, again

Magnum Tax Gain on top, again

Magnum Tax Gain has been a consistent performer, beating the best performing fund in the equitydiversified fund category over the past five years.

Capitalising on small caps

The MONEY TODAY-Plexus Management new fund evaluation analyses the DBS Chola Small Cap Fund and presents the report card.

'Have a systematic investment plan'

The chief investment officer of DBS Cholamandalam Asset Management shares with us his investment mantra.
Stocks Steel stocks right on top

Steel stocks right on top

Steel and natural resources stocks have posted the highest returns in the past three months.

Market Watch, as on December 5, 2007

We scan dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations.

Buying safety, selling risks

Reinforcing beliefs in blue chips, more shares of two Sensex heavyweights are accumulated, while some underperformers are sold.
Upfront Renewal woes

Renewal woes

Everyone is in favour of health insurance. With medical costs going up rapidly, the common man knows that insurance is the only way to get quality treatment without paying a bomb.
Travel Five tips to score a steal

Five tips to score a steal

Winter holidays are just 10 days away and you still don’t know how to wing it without breaking the bank. We tell you how.

Offbeat and inexpensive

Peak season spells peak cost and frenzied hordes, but with a little effort, you can still find yourself holidaying at dirt cheap rates in near deserted locales.
Tax What is the tax treatment of profits from global funds?

What is the tax treatment of profits from global funds?

Long-term gains are taxable at a flat rate of 10%, while short-term gains are added to the income and taxed as per applicable rates.
Talk Back The write-up on alternatives to iPhone was a revelation

The write-up on alternatives to iPhone was a revelation

There's been a lot of ballyhoo about the iPhone but as the story revealed there are less-hyped substitutes in the market that are geared to give it some competition.
Query Corner Is a minor eligible to apply for shares in an IPO?

Is a minor eligible to apply for shares in an IPO?

A minor is eligible to apply in an IPO if certain conditions are met. Firstly, he needs to have a demat account, for which he needs a PAN card. And under normal circumstances, a minor will not be issued a PAN card because he does not earn.
Portfolio Doctor Indifferent planning

Indifferent planning

Mumbai-based Anand Dangwal must inculcate financial discipline and regularly invest in equities till retirement to build a sizeable nest egg.
My Story Refusing medical expenses

Refusing medical expenses

Nirmal Jeet Singh took the legal route when Oriental Insurance refused to reimburse his daughter’s hospitalisation charges citing her disease as congenital.
Expert View Small package big surprise

Small package big surprise

Ignored by the stock markets in 2007, Essel Propack — the largest lamitube manufacturer in the world — has found its way out of the woods. You cannot possibly find a cheaper global play.

Most wanted underperformers?

Keep in mind that even fund managers steering those massive mutual funds can go wrong. They are after all human and can be misled by erroneous and (sometimes) devious information they get from managements and analysts.
BASICS So many interest rates

So many interest rates

Keep as watchful an eye on interest rates as you do on prices. There are a dozen or more rates, so which should you look at? We pick out six that we believe are relevant to almost everyone.
Sector Scenario Powerful growth

Powerful growth

Edelweiss Securities is very bullish on the power sector given the massive generation capacity expansion that has been planned.
Banking Protection against goons

Protection against goons

Some banks have overextended themselves in lending, without systems in place. The problem is worse when there is no collateral. But why should consumers suffer from goon squads as a result?

The other side of loans

Loan recovery agents and their strong-arm tactics are bad news, but banks usually use them as a last resort. And there are rules regarding this too.
Insurance Right cover for your home

Right cover for your home

Here we explain the business of householders' insurance and tell you how to protect your most valuable asset and its contents.
Editors Note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Indians are more aware as consumers than they are as investors. That is why they are better savers than investors. But there are signs that this could change within a generation.
New Business Host on the worldwide Web

Host on the worldwide Web

Founded on the rubbles of dotcom bust, i2k2 had a slow and turbulent route to success. It now seems poised to break into the big league.
Careers From babu to corporate honcho

From babu to corporate honcho

Prabir Jha's career focus did not waver nor did his professional plans go awry after quitting his cushy government job.