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  • A Money Today-value research study of the stocks that mutual fund managers stacked up over the past one year.
Aug 01, 2010
BASICS Score better credit

Score better credit

With RBI approving in principle to three more credit bureaus, including High Mark and Equifax, credit reports are back in the news.
Investment Is art a good investment?

Is art a good investment?

When Syed Haider Raza's painting sold for a whopping Rs 16.3 crore at a Christie's auction recently, it signalled the revival of the art market. What reaffirmed this was the sale of a Jehangir Sabavala painting in India for Rs 1.7 crore at Saffronart's summer online auction. The art market certainly seems to be bouncing back after last year's meltdown.
Stocks The seller's checklist

The seller's checklist

Kamya Jaiswal finds out that exiting stocks is a difficult decision as there are no thumb rules to follow.

Riding on optimism

The Nifty's resilience in the face of the European crisis has boosted its technical outlook and the anticipation that it will touch pre-downturn peaks.

SLBS: Short on success

Despite reducing risk in short selling and offering benefits to all participants, the Securities Lending and Borrowing Scheme has failed to take off.

Smart funding, savvy stock

A small-or a mid-cap firm backed by private equity can be a good bet if you are considering long-term investment.

Take stock of risks

Margins help counter the risk of unpaid transactions while trading in the market. Here we consider three margins imposed by stock exchanges.
Mutual Fund Is all well with the funds?

Is all well with the funds?

PricewaterhouseCoopers, in a report released recently, assesses the challenges faced by the mutual fund industry in India.

Rational exuberance

The cautious optimism of the MONEY TODAY-Value Research Lifestage Model Fund Portfolios pays off as two of the four portfolios outperform the benchmark indices.
Tax Revised Direct Taxes Code

Revised Direct Taxes Code

The revised direct taxes code discussion paper has put reforms on the backburner and made taxpayers smile for the wrong reasons.

Only income from pure life insurance policies will be exempt from tax

We consider the impact of the likely changes on your earnings and investments after the Direct Taxes Code DTC) comes into effect from 1 April 2011.
Query Corner Resolving financial dilemmas

Resolving financial dilemmas

Do you have queries on tax, insurance, investments? Read on to solve some of them.
Careers On a rewarding trip

On a rewarding trip

The burgeoning travel industry has produced a new breed of entrepreneurs, which offers unique solutions for the new generation tourists.

Write way to sell yourself

To create a good impression as a first step to securing the coveted job, make sure your resume is simple, lucid and packed with relevant information, suggests.
Banking Understanding base rate

Understanding base rate

The banking sector has a new buzzword-base rate. It was introduced in the Indian banking system on 1 July after a directive by the Reserve Bank of India.

A new benchmark for lending

While the new base rate will make lending more transparent, the interest rates for borrowers are unlikely to change immediately and will benefit them only in the long term.
Insurance Come into my parlour...

Come into my parlour...

...says the insurance agent as he traps uninformed investors into buying unsuitable policies. Here are the lures you should avoid.
Real Estate Improving the realty class

Improving the realty class

Overcoming regulatory shortcomings and inherent flaws in the realty sector can make this asset class more popular among retail investors.
Books Cents and sensibility

Cents and sensibility

With a pulse on the female psyche, the book offers realistic solutions to the financial troubles of women.
Planning Eco-friendly gifts

Eco-friendly gifts

With runaway inflation and fuel price hike imposing callous budgetary constraints, it's a struggle to rustle up a gift that meets your budget.