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  • The hike in interest rates and inflation have pushed up bond yields. Here's how to tweak your debt portfolio.
  • Is the prediction of a bullish market merely speculation? Not so, proves the technical analysis of the market.
  • Retail investors continue to stay away from stocks. However, the budget has given a new direction to the markets and put more money in investors' pockets by way of tax cuts.   The prognosis: The bull is here to stay Experts' picks for long-term wealth Stock market: It's time to charge ahead
Apr 01, 2010
Insurance Small cover

Small cover

Despite an increase in the number of health insurers in India, awareness and penetration of coverage remain low. Here are some other findings on health insurance, according to a survey by Celent, a financial research and consultancy firm.

Don't blow your cover

A customer suffers a heavy loss if his insurance policy lapses. Here's what you need to remember to ensure that it doesn't happen to you.
Talk Back "The story on life insurance claims that the entry of private players had made the industry more transparent"

"The story on life insurance claims that the entry of private players had made the industry more transparent"

The story on life insurance claims that the entry of private players had made the industry more transparent.
Query Corner Can I claim tax benefit on the second house?

Can I claim tax benefit on the second house?

If you own two houses, you can claim only one as self-occupied, while the other will be considered as let-out property.
Travel Suite dreams: More for less

Suite dreams: More for less

With several new hotels in the pipeline, travellers will not only enjoy higher bargaining power but also save on inaugural packages.

Trick or treat?

To avoid being scorched by the 'hot' deals that come your way, go through the fine print and ask your tour operator the right questions.

The A-Z of trendy travel speak

Sushmita Choudhury spells out the emerging trends and modern jargon that are well on their way to becoming common speak.

Spread the net for a wider choice

The best place to make your bookings need not be travel portals. Instead, let a metasearch engine do the trawling on your behalf.

Explore, and you shall find

New places, tame prices and better booking avenues are some of the promised travel attractions this year. Make the most of these on your long-deferred holiday.
Stocks Option to beat the bear

Option to beat the bear

A combination of call and put options can help make profit and limit losses in a market likely to be bearish in the near term.

In your interest

A combination of derivative market tools like open interest and futures prices can help determine the cash market direction.

The art of comparison

Moving up the learning curve, Kamya Jaiswal selects a benchmark to evaluate the growth of her portfolio.
Smart Spending What to buy and what not to

What to buy and what not to

In this series we review recently launched products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.

Won't need? Don't pay

Is it worth paying extra for feature-laden appliances or extended warranties? Not always. Find out why the price may not live up to the promise.
Insight Judging a fund

Judging a fund

A good way to evaluate a mutual fund is to assess the performance of its fund manager. The tool used for this is alpha; the higher its value, the better the fund.

Profitable in the short term

Frequent buying and selling of stocks is counterproductive because it pushes up the brokerage cost and eats into the returns.
Real Estate Refund reality: The hard way out

Refund reality: The hard way out

If you are planning to cancel your booking in a real estate project and shifting to a new one, be prepared for long delays in getting refunds.
Portfolio Doctor Balancing risk & reward

Balancing risk & reward

On paper, every investor knows that the four main investment vehicles that comprise his portfolio are equities, gold and cash, bonds and real estate.
Perspective Tall promises, high NAVs

Tall promises, high NAVs

Few investors know that the dividend on a mutual fund reduces its NAV and is only a profit-booking tool.

The future of work: R.I.P. cubicles

Which is the coolest office you can think of? One with a gym on the premises, a pool at the back, a cafe? Some lucky employees are already enjoying all this and more.

The benefit of sticking with a job

What is the longest period you have served with a company? Two years? Three years? Have you ever stuck around for more than five years just to avail of gratuity?

No leniency for card defaulters

If you had been in a celebratory mode after the National Consumer Commission's judgement, restraining banks from charging high credit card interest rates, it's time to stop.

Service tax dents discount

If you're getting a good discount on a new house, don't dally till July or you could lose a chunk of it.

Banking on FDs for the short term

While the RBI's previous credit policy effectively ended the teaser rate home loan schemes, the hike in the  credit reserve ratio  coupled with that in the repo and reverse repo rates has signalled that banks need to raise funds.

Regulator watch

A look at the recent rulings which can affect you.

Click to buy

The MasterCard Online Shopping Survey 2009, conducted across 14 countries and covering 8,000 respondents, indicates that Indians are making more purchases on the Net compared to 2008. Also, it is no longer limited to a narrow range of products and services. Here are some India-specific highlights.
Financial Planning Online managers

Online managers

Now, keeping track of your finances will be easier as new money management Websites offer a range of services to save you time and effort.
Expert View Stock market: It's time to charge ahead

Stock market: It's time to charge ahead

It's always a good time to invest in the stock market. It's only the allocation that you must tweak. If you are considering an entry in equity, invest with loads of caution and buy defensive stocks.

The unsung heroes

Disinvestment will raise the free floating stock of PSUs, which will increase their weightage in key indices, thereby drawing greater investor interest.

Happily ever after

A sub-14,000 level will make equity investments compelling as there is a good possibility of the Sensex reaching 24,000-plus level in 3-4 years.

"Retail investors may be left out if the markets rise very fast"

Waqar Naqvi, CEO of Taurus Mutual Fund, feels the budget could push up the markets, but fears that the retail investors may not participate in the rally.

What insurers can do

A high lapsation ratio not only indicates unhappy customers but also affects the company's reputation.

"Cost benefits of m-banking will accrue to customers indirectly"

Probir Roy, Chairman and Co-founder, PayMate, talks about how mobile banking is revolutionising the way we conduct cash transactions.
Editors Note From the Editor

From the Editor

The real measure of your wealth is how much you are worth if you lose all your money.
Last Word Last Word

Last Word

Tour operators use cash-back offer as a lure, but in most cases the cash finds its way back to the operator.
Tax Ways to use your tax savings

Ways to use your tax savings

The budget has put more money in your hands to save and spend. Here are some options to make the most of the rise in your take-home income.
Investment Rating the raters

Rating the raters

The grading of financial products influences the decision of investors, but can the credit rating agencies be trusted? Not always.
Careers Create wealth from health

Create wealth from health

One of the fastest growing sectors, the healthcare industry is offering a wide array of jobs as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.
Books Basically, do you know your company?

Basically, do you know your company?

A book for both investors and initiates, it will help you know about companies by deconstructing the basics and weeding out the jargon.

Are you betting on a madoff redux?

It's common knowledge that bull markets breed financial fraud, and with the world heading towards an upswing, scamsters are bound to get creative sooner or later.