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  • It's the season to drive a hard bargain in the residential real estate sector as desperate builders offer discounts and freebies to clear their inventories.
  • Prepay a home loan if you have surplus cash, but this is not the only factor that you should consider.
  • Senior citizens can use their homes as retirement plans through the reverse mortgage scheme. It helps generate an income without having to part with the house.
  • Though real estate is showing signs of revival, it will translate into higher stock prices only when there is a pick-up in the commercial space.
  • The next few months will provide a lot of opportunities for consumers to bargain as real estate firms try to clear their inventories that have built up in the past six to eight months.
  • Investing in real estate stocks, as opposed to a direct exposure to realty, is not only a sound strategy but will yield rich rewards in the coming years.
Oct 01, 2010
Tax The good, the bad and the ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly

A look at how the provisions of the revised Direct Taxes Code will impact your finances.

An exercise in futility

Instead of replicating the old Act, we should focus on executing the existing laws.
Banking Can you bank on this winning streak?

Can you bank on this winning streak?

The banking sector is on a dream run, outperforming its peers over the past three years. Tanvi Varma finds out whether the upswing will continue.
Books Course Correction

Course Correction

The handy guide provides tips on how to ensure smooth career transitions by realigning your working style.

Father of all investing truths

Celeb American investor Jim Rogers sweeps up his financial savvy, peppers it with pragmatic posits on life and packages it as an overtly impassioned legacy for his two daughters in A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing.
Smart Spending The best car your money can buy

The best car your money can buy

In the last part of the series, we rate all the cars in the Rs 6-18 lakh category to help you choose the one that suits your needs.

The hot and the not so happening

Namrata Dadwal reviews new products and services to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
Real Estate Selling tenancy

Selling tenancy

Paying rent could be a smarter option than buying a house, given the improving affordability and flexibility that tenancy offers.
Real Estate Flexi bargains

Flexi bargains

Customised home options, with desired floor plans, layouts and fixtures, are the new lures being used by developers to bring in customers.
Stocks Bet on Change

Bet on Change

While both forward and futures derivative contracts help reduce losses, the latter is preferable as it offers lower risk and is more liquid.

Picking tomorrow's winners today

In the second part of the series on celebrity investors' strategies, Sameer Bhardwaj tests Joseph Piotroski's method of picking unpopular stocks that have a high growth potential.

'Keep booking profits, have modest expectations'

Sharmila Joshi, Co-head, Private Client Group, Emkay Global Financial Services, spoke to R. Sree Ram about the right strategy to adopt in the current market scenario.
Careers The day of judgement

The day of judgement

Performance doesn't always equate to good appraisal. It's a year-long process requiring focus on communication and attitude too, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Insurance Cash me if you can

Cash me if you can

Avoid making cash payments for investments if you are going through an intermediary.
Investment Herd of this trend?

Herd of this trend?

In the second part of the series on investor psychology, we consider why herd behaviour can make you lose, rather than gain, money.
Financial Planning Winners in the crowd

Winners in the crowd

Venture capital is not the only option if you are seeking funds for the early stages of your start-up. Try a simpler route-seed funding.
Query Corner Resolving Financial Dilemmas

Resolving Financial Dilemmas

My company deducted more tax than was due because I failed to submit proof of tax savings...Can I file a delayed return to get my refund?
Technology Making Tech Pay

Making Tech Pay

You can use technology not just to enhance comfort and convenience, but in these inflationary times, to save money as well.
Editors Note From the Editor

From the Editor

Today, realty companies and builders are saddled with inventories of unsold flats that have piled up in the past year or so. Their desperation to clear inventories offers home buyers the perfect opportunity to hone their negotiating skills and hunt for bargains.
Mutual Fund Systematic gains

Systematic gains

Disciplined investment has helped the MONEY TODAY-Value Research Lifestage Portfolios perform well yet again despite the prevailing uncertainty in the rising market.