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Letters to the editor

The popularity of insurance plans for children seems amazing, especially its high market share of all policies issued (Handle With Care, February 2010), writes ANIL BHARDWAJ from Kanpur.
Last Word Timing Matters

Timing Matters

Events do happen. A search in time could help avoid some pain, at least on the financial front.
Smart Spending Smart Spenders

Smart Spenders

A survey conducted by the ING group to gauge the 'financial intelligence quotient' throws up some insights into the behavior of Indian consumers regarding financial planning.

20 ideas for an inexpensive home makeover

One of the basic and economical ways to give a new look to your living room can simply be by emphasizing on a particular corner or an object.
Insight Sturdy Performer

Sturdy Performer

HDFC Equity Mutual Fund has outperformed its benchmark index in four of the past five years.

Best performing stocks

Metal companies have done well in the past five years, with four among the top 10.

Top Ranked Funds

Ever since the equity market crashed in 2008, infrastructure funds have been unable to repeat the performance they showed during the bull-run of 2003-07.
Query Corner Query Corner

Query Corner

I want to invest Rs 80,000 in gold funds for the long term. Is this a good time to do so? Which funds do you recommend? Also, Do I get tax exemptions for investing in gold funds?
Mutual Fund Corrective Gains

Corrective Gains

As the markets correct, for the Money Today-Value Research Lifestage Portfolios it is an opportunity to buy units at low rates.

Profit from a Balancing Act

Balanced funds provide the best of both equity and debt, varying their exposure to maximise profits or cut losses, in a volatile market.

Looking Beyond Borders

Bouyed by liquidity, global funds have beaten domestic ones over the last six months. The rally is expected to continue, especially for commodity funds.

Banking on Mutual Funds

The conservative Indian investor has always believed in bank deposits. Now mutual fund houses are trying to woo them through customised schemes.
Commodities Brace for More Oil Shocks

Brace for More Oil Shocks

Higher oil prices will mean inflation, lower growth and a weaker rupee - putting paid to a decade of progress.

Fuelling your Investments

With demand remaining strong it may be a good time to have energy commodities - heating oil, gasoline, natural gas and crude oil - in your portfolio.
Banking 'Review your credit report before applying for a loan'

'Review your credit report before applying for a loan'

Discrepancies in credit scores are often due to delay in updating the records by lenders, says Phil Nolan, managing director, Experian Credit Information Company.

Be Worthy To Borrow

Don't just walk into any bank for a loan. Do your homework before you apply as rejections impact your credit-worthiness.
Perspective Money Merchants

Money Merchants

Do you often run out of cash when you go shopping? If you need to withdraw some money from your bank account, you will now have the option to walk into a merchant establishment with your debit card.

Ferrous Futures

Exchanges, such as the Multi Commodity Exchange and the Indian Commodity Exchange, launched iron ore futures on 29 January 2011.


"In the (health insurance) portability era, service will be the differentiator. If you move to the right company, you would get better service," says Amarnath Ananthanarayanan, CEO and MD, Bharti Axa General Insurance.

Sebi: Change at Helm

U.K. Sinha has taken over as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), the capital market regulator, with effect from 18 February 2011.

Best Route Forward

Smart order-routing can help you to discover the best price available on the two major bourses - the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

Regulator Watch

A look at the recent rulings that can affect you.

Pay More, Earn More

With banks raising their interest rates, your monthly outgo towards loan repayment will go up. However, there's some respite in form of higher deposit rates.

Owner or Tenant?

Did your landlord increase your house rent again? Do you feel that you are paying too much as rent? Should you buy a property in a locality that's close to your office as well as children's school?
Interviews 'We expect the second half of 2011 to be a better time for the markets'

'We expect the second half of 2011 to be a better time for the markets'

Kedar Deshpande, Head (Retail Broking), Edelweiss, tells Rahul Oberoi why the Reserve Bank of India could further tighten policy rates in the next few months.
Stocks Crashing Against Rate Barrier

Crashing Against Rate Barrier

Following the seventh round of benchmark rate hikes in 2010-11, stocks of rate-sensitive sectors - banking, auto and realty - have seen fall in prices.
Careers Follow the Leader?

Follow the Leader?

To follow your current boss to a new job might seem the obvious choice but evaluate the pros and cons of such a move before you make your decision, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Editors Note From the Executive Editor

From the Executive Editor

So, portability of health insurance policies is round the corner. From July 1, disgruntled consumers will be able to change insurers seamlessly. Is that good news? Surely, it is, but only for those of you who do have health cover.