After cardiac stents, NPPA curbs knee implant price, prices fall by 65 per cent

 Joe C Mathew   New Delhi     Last Updated: August 17, 2017  | 19:00 IST
After cardiac stents, NPPA curbs knee implant price, prices fall by 65 per cent

The prices of orthorpedic knee implants will fall at least by 50 percent as National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) today announced the maximum allowable retail prices of such products for the first time.

The most commonly used complete knee implant made of cobalt chromium will now carry a ceiling price of Rs 54720 plus GST, 65 percent less as compared to the earlier price of Rs 1,58,324. Implants made of special metal like titanium and oxidizedc zirconium will cost 69 % less - from an existing price tag of Rs 2,49,251 to a ceiling price of Rs 76600 + GST. Revision implants for second surgery will also cost 59% less - Rs 1,13,950 + GST from an earlier price of Rs 2,76,869.

Notifying the ceiling price, NPPA stated that the decision was taken after it was noticed that orthopedic-knee implants were having unjustified, unreasonable and irrational high trade margins leading to their exorbitant prices which affects the out of pocket expenses of patients.

"Lakhs of patients are not able to pay for arthroplasty procedures because of these exorbitant prices and suffering in pain; and whereas the estimates of such patients requiring arthroplasty intervention, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, is about 1.5 to 2 crores", it said.

While about 1 lakh plus well off patients are in a position to pay for such treatments every year WHO warns that osteoarthritis is likely to become fourth leading cause of disability by year 2020, it adds.

Most of such knee implants are imported in India. Orthopedic manufacturers are studying the notification.

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