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WhatsApp update: 5 promised features that chat app hasn't fulfilled yet

WhatsApp Features: facebook owned chat app users are still waiting for the features like Dark Mode, fingerprint unlock and more

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | July 18, 2019 | Updated 17:24 IST
WhatsApp update: 5 promised features that chat app hasn't fulfilled yet
Five WhatsApp feature updates

WhatsApp is known for continuously updating its messenger app. In the last few months, Facebook owned chat platform has added several new features that set it apart from the competitors. But, the users are still waiting for other much talked about features that it had announced months ago. Features like Dark Mode or even voice message previews have been rumoured for months now but there is no certain date when they will be made available.

Lets take a look at some of the features that WhatsApp fans can't wait to use in 2019.

Dark Mode for WhatsApp: WhatsApp has been talking about the Dark Mode since last year and there are still no signs of it coming to our beloved messenger app.  The Dark Mode is already available on other messaging platforms and WhatsApp should have had it by now.  The feature has been under-development for long now and its high time Facebook owned messenger brings it for its users.

Quick edit media shortcut for WhatsApp: Last heard, WhatsApp was working on the quick edit media feature to ensure the bug-free experience for its users. The feature will be a big relief as it will let the user edit media files they have sent or received in an individual WhatsApp chat or a group conversation. Currently, WhatsApp does not have any in-built media editing features.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock: WhatsApp should have launched the Face or Fingerprint unlock feature in 2018 itself. However, we are half way through 2019 and there is no news about the feature seeing the light of the day. The fingerprint authentication mechanism will add an extra layer of security as WhatsApp users will have to authenticate themselves every time they open the app. There are chances that WhatsApp could also bring the Face unlock feature too for the Android users.

Ranking of contacts on WhatsApp: WhatsApp has been talking about the new contact ranking feature for months now but it seems the company has completely forgotten about it.  The feature promises to automatically rank contacts by detecting which contacts you interact with the most.

Voice message previews in notification: WhatsApp allows preview of photos and videos in the notification but does not allow it for the voice messages. The company has not revealed any particular date when it will roll out this feature as it is still under development.

Edited By: Udit Verma

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