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Fake News Alert: There's no Jio offer to celebrate Mumbai Indians' IPL win

Reliance Jio has not started any such offer and  the viral message propagates incorrect information

Udit Verma | May 16, 2019 | Updated 09:42 IST
Fake News Alert: There's no Jio offer to celebrate Mumbai Indians' IPL win

A message from Reliance Jio is circulating on social media, mainly WhatsApp, that asks the recipient for their name and Jio mobile number and in return promises a Rs 399 recharge for free. According to the message, the free recharge is part of the IPL offer 2019 to celebrate Mumbai Indians' win. The message says that the offer will be presented to 20,000 Jio users.

Before movies ahead, we tried analysing the URL ( mentioned in the WhatsApp message. The .xyz domains have sites that generally have shady ratings, pointing towards suspicious site, spam site and scam site. The sites with domain name .xyz are usually junk content sites associated with SEO or adult content sites that display Google adsense ads.

In short, there is no free recharge waiting for anyone on the other side. However, in case you enter your name and the number (try entering a fake number) then you will be redirted to another page.

The new page has a banner of the Mumbai Indian team and two more buttons. The first one wants you to share the link of the page with 10 of your friends or 10 groups on WhatsApp and the other says 'Recharge' in Hindi.  In case you get greedy and decide to click on recharge without sharing the page link on WhatsApp, a message pops up asking you to share. Meanwhile, the back button also doesn't work on the page. Closing the page is the only option at this juncture.


The viral message propagates incorrect information. Reliance Jio has not started any such offer. The site address provides enough cues that give away the true intentions of the scammer. domain name consists of negligible number of legitimate sites but it doesn't point towards the worst part of the internet.

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