Twitter now allows you to listen to recorded Spaces

Twitter now allows you to listen to recorded Spaces

The recorded Spaces feature is available on iOS, Android, and on the web.

Twitter has added a new feature on Spaces Twitter has added a new feature on Spaces

Twitter has announced a new feature that will allow users to listen to recorded Spaces. This option is available on Android, iOS, and the web.

This decision to make recorded Spaces available for users puts Twitter on the traditional podcasts’ path. This is a handy feature, no doubt, since users will be able to listen to a conversation once the Spaces has ended, allowing them to tune into or revisit discussions they might have missed out on.

Twitter’s latest feature follows in Clubhouse’s footsteps. The audio-only social media platform recently introduced a feature called Replay that lets users record live rooms and share them post the session.

Twitter is also allowing select hosts to record Spaces on iOS and Android. Initially, this option was available for select hosts on iOS following the launch of Spaces in October.

Hosts who have this option available to them need to create a live audio room by giving the Space they are hosting a title. The Space also needs up to three tags to describe what the conversation is about, which is the standard for hosting any Space on Twitter. Hosts can then toggle on the “Record Space” option before they click on “Start a Space”.

If a Space is being recorded, all users on that conversation will be able to see a “Rec” button with the red dot on top. Once the session is over, the host needs to tap on the ‘End’ button following which they will see a pop-up box asking for confirmation to end the Space and the recording.

When this is done and over with, the recording of the Space can be shared across the platform and interested listeners can tune in to play it back, or re-share it, whenever they want.

After launching it officially earlier this year, Twitter has been adding functionalities to Spaces. It now supports the option to share direct links to let listeners tune into a live audio session on the web without having to log into the platform. As the company explained, this feature is for people who want their friends, who are not on Twitter, to listen in on Spaces they host.

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