Diwali gifts guide: Best gadgets to light up your festive season

Diwali gifts guide: Best gadgets to light up your festive season

With a plenty of gadgets being launched every now and then, there are ones that suits any particular need.

If you haven't given much thought about the gifts, we have done the homework for you. If you haven't given much thought about the gifts, we have done the homework for you.

Festive season is just round the corner and we know that it is really difficult to think of some cool tech gifts for your loved ones. With a plenty of gadgets being launched every now and then, there are ones that suits any particular need. If you haven't given much thought about the gifts, we have done the homework for you. Here is the list of some cool gadgets that will make a great gift for you and your loved ones.

1. Apple iPhone 6s: Rs 62,000
That's one gadget that many love to flaunt. Apple has launched its latest iPhones in India starting with the price tag of Rs 62,000 for the 4.7inch iPhone 6s for 16GB variant. While the looks aren't different from the predecessor, there is a significant improvement in terms for performance, camera and even battery.

2. Google Nexus 5x: Rs 29,990
Nexus smartphones come from Google but company doesn't manufacture it themselves. This year, the Nexus 5x has been made by LG. This is one fine piece of hardware with no nonsense. It works smoothly, without any lag and the camera is superb. A must buy if your budget is Rs 30,000.

3. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Rs 8,999
An ideal gift for any booklover will be the Kindle PaperWhite. This sleek piece of hardware can allow you to carry thousands of books in one go and you can continue to enjoy your passion wherever you are. The battery backup too is superb as it lasts weeks without the need to charge is frequently. Kindle is equal to love for reading books.

4. Portronics SoundPot: Rs 1,499
This compact Bluetooth speaker is for music on the go. Those who love to listen music will love this cute looking compact speaker too. It has got great sound and easy to pair and youngsters will love it.

5. Xiaomi Mi Band: Rs 999
Fitness bands are a fad these days and if you are looking for a great band that doesn't cost much then the Mi Band is just perfect. It doesn't have a display but it works with the Mi Fit app that you will install on your smartphone. It will accurately track your footstep, sleep and will keep you updated about your daily physical activity. For Rs 999, this is worth it. If you are serious about your fitness and are willing to spend a bit more, consider Goqii, a fitness band that comes with app based coaching by experts but it involves monthly charges for coaching.

6. Grip Tight GorillaPod stand: $29.95
Thanks to the powerful cameras in smartphones, we all have turned into photographers. But one thing many of us often miss is a great tripod stand for mobile phones. The Grip Tight GorillaPod stand is just ideal a for any smartphone. It can hold the smartphone firmly and the stand can be placed on a flat surface or can be tied around joints or any surface. It also has a durable polycarbonate-ABS plastic construction with steel internal structure designed to survive the wear and tear of everyday use.

7. Selfie  stick: Rs 250 onwards
Selfies are the rage these days and people have moved beyond just stretching the hand to capture one. Selfie sticks manufactured in China are available at dearth cheap prices on online portals as well the offline retail shops. But what you should consider is buying a good selfie stick with Bluetooth capability. So what is does is it connects with your smartphone over Bluetooth and just with the click of a button on the stick, it captures images. This works smoothly and captures better selfies.

8. Portronics Mojo: Rs 899
This is a multitasking compact device as it acts as a torch as well as a powerbank. The Mojo is equipped with a 2600mAh battery that can be used to provide juice to any smartphone when in need. And it comes handy as a powerful torch too. It has got four high intensity flash settings too. The Mojo, once charged, keeps the charge for more than six months if not used.

9. OnePlus Power Bank: Rs 1,400
The one in black standstone finish is inspired by the OnePlus One smartphone. It has got a 10000mAh battery that is capable of charging over three smartphones. The 10000mAh battery takes around 6 hours to charge fully and has got two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. It has not got any buttons yet there are LED indicators that shows how much battery is left on the Power Bank.

10. OlloClip 4-in-1 lens: $79.99
Smartphones are being equipped with powerful cameras and are being used for professional shoots too. Enhance your loved ones imaging experience by gifting them OlloClip for their smartphone. Designed for iPhone and a select Android phones, it includes four lens options - fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro. Works well with photos and videos, professional-style lenses give you creative options lightweight, compact design works on both front and rear-facing cameras

11. Cube26 IOTA Lite: Rs 1500
Cube 26 has launched a new bulb that works on the lines of smart connectivity. Controlled from the smartphone app, it offers mood lighting . Through its preset configurations one can customise different modes - reading mode, relaxation mode, Party mode etc.  You can define your party mode and have Lite cycle through different colours at random or use the blues greens and purples to define your relaxation mode.

12. Engr Prism: Rs 4990 plus Rs 1990
Mood lighting is the new concept these days and Engr is offering one at a much affordable price in comparison to Philips Hue. The lights can emanate RGB LED Lighting colours and the bulbs can be controlled using WiFi router and the remote accompanied with the lights. You can control multiple LED bulbs using the app installed on your smartphone and play around with mood lighting functions. The kit comprises 3 LED bulbs, one remote and one router

13. Eureka Forbes Air Glo: Rs 1350
Indoor air purification made easy with Aeroguard Clean Air Go from Eureka Forbes. Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Clean Air Go is an affordable LED bulb with built-in ionizers, which the company claims eliminates smoke, odour, airborne allergens while creating a healthy environment.This is a 5W LED bulb with a wick (like a thin brush) sitting on the top that is capable of realising negative ions in the air. When turned on, the bulb releases negative ions in the air. It works in a simple way as the negative ions pushes odour, allergens, etc. that have positive charge to attract and stick to each other and are then disintegrated. The terms negative and positive here works in a reversed way. Technically, negative ions are odourless and have an extra charged electron. This helps in cleaning the air and is used in many air purifiers too.

14. Asus Lolliflash: Rs 899   
This is ideal for someone who is fond of taking selfies. Compact and weighing 8 grams, this connects through the phone's 3.5mm jack. And offers more light while capturing selfies. It has got a microUSB port for charging. A 30 minute charge can give up to 3000 flashes.

15. Belkin Rockstar multi Headphone splitter: Rs 899
For some, enjoying music is not just listening alone but is all about sharing and listening with friends. While you can connect just one headphone to a smartphone using 3.5mm port, there are headphone splitters that allows you to connect multiple headphones to a single phone conveniently.  Belikn's Rockstar multi-headphone splitter can connect up to 5 headphones to a single device. You can also consider local headphone splitters that will come for a few hundred bucks.

16. Logitech Bluetooth Adapter: Rs 1200
This might sound weird to your but this Bluetooth adapter is for those gadgets that don't have Bluetooth connectivity. The old speakers that you brought many years ago aren't redundant if you add a Bluetooth adapter to it as it will now be able to play music wirelessly.  Using it is easy too as it has to be connect to power and also to the speaker using 3.5mm jack or the RCA connector and connect it to the smartphone or tablet.

17. Cable management:  With a number of gadgets at your disposal, the most annoying is the clutter of wires you have in your room. A cable management kit will be a good buy as it will not only hold the wires in the groves but will also club them neatly. There are cable holder clips organiser easily available online that contains the set of 6 and comes for Rs 155 only.

18. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera: Rs 6,999
DSLRs are great at capturing images and videos but there is a new category of camera that is growing at a fast pace. While most of the action cameras are expensive, Xiaomi's Yi Action camera is a compact, toy looking action camera. It has got 16MP CMOS F2.8 155 Wide Angle and optical image stabilizer. Operated through an app, the Yi Action camera creates its own WiFi and connects with the phone. A nice, affordable action camera for capturing some special moments.

19. iRobot Braava: Rs 27,900
iRobot is one of the best selling names in home cleaning robots abroad and the company has now selling its selected models in India too. The iRobot Braava is a floor mopping robot that uses dry or damp cloth to clean up the dirt, grime, dust and smudges with a press of a button. It can be used to clean hard surfaces including Tile, Vinyl, Hardwood and Laminate. Priced at Rs  27,900, it silently does the job, without disturbing you.

20. VU 40inch LED TV: Rs 23,990
Companies such as VU and Micromax are launching LED TVs at a much economical price in comparison to what the leading brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG are offering. The VU 40inch LED TV available online makes it a great deal. Available for Rs 23,990, this full HD flat panel TV offers rich colours and great clarity. It has got 2HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. The sound output is powerful too.  Available on Flipkart, you need not even worry about delivery. Just place the order and the flat panel will be delivered at the doorstep.

21. WD My Passport Ultra 1TB: Rs 4,000
Know someone who has loads of content on their laptop, a WD My Passport Ultra 1TB will be an ideal gift for them to back up all their data. It is a sleek looking portable storage device that will be 2.5 inch thick and can offer data transfer speeds up to 5 GB/s. It has got USB 3.0 connectivity.

22. Xiaomi Mi Pad: Rs 12,999
Tablets are a plenty but Xiaomi Mi Pad is a great value for money tablet for your loved ones. This 7.9 inch tablet has got a plastic back that doesn't feel ,cheap. It is powered by Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and is paired with 2GB of RAM. It has also got an 8MP camera for capturing images Streaming videos is an great experience as the display brightness is superb and the sound output is loud. The battery backup too is impressive that will help in bringing a smile on your loved one's face.

23. Automatic Wine Preserve Pump: Rs 1,999
Wine lovers often face the challenge of either finishing the whole bottle of wine or end up losing its flavour when exposed to the air. If you know a wine lover, you can present them the Automatic Wine Vacuum Pump that will pump the air out of the wine bottle and seal the flavour inside.

24. Nikon Sport Lite 8x25 DCF: Rs 4,950
This is one gift everyone would love to have. The Nikon Sport Lite Binoculars is compact and lightweight. It has rubber coating for a comfortable grip and multi-layered coating on the lenses for bright images.

25. Oster Wine Chiller: Rs 5,847
This stainless steel single bottle electric wine chiller has an opener as well as a recharging base. It removes the cork at the touch of a button and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. It keep bottles chilled for a couple of hours. The base helps recharge the bottle opener.