Govt official calls customer care to reschedule a delivery, loses Rs 1 lakh after clicking on a link

Govt official calls customer care to reschedule a delivery, loses Rs 1 lakh after clicking on a link

The victim called on the customer care number available online to reschedule the delivery of the parcel. However, he was tricked into clicking on a link to pay the delivery fee and later lost around 1 lakh in installments.

Story highlights
  • The victim lost money in four installments after a click on the link which was sent.
  • The scammer introduced himself as member of customer care executive and offered help with delivery.
  • To process the delivery, scammer asked victim to make payment using the link received on the phone.

In a recent case of online fraud, a government official lost around Rs 1 lakh to cyber scammers after clicking on a link. The victim reportedly received a call from delivery services where he was asked to pay a delivery charge to receive the goods. However, as soon as he clicked on the shared link, fraudsters stole money from his bank account.

According to the report by Time of India, Victim Atul Shete who is appointed as Officer on Special Duty for Chhattisgarh culture minister Amarjeet Bhagat filed a report of an online scam with the Telibandha police station in Raipur. The officer revealed that he was expecting a delivery of some goods on March 13. However, due to the absence of his family members at home, the parcel was returned that day.

To reschedule the delivery, Shete looked for the customer helpline number of Blue Dart Customer Services and dialled a call. The call was received and the alleged representative of the company asked Shete to share his delivery ID. The representative then said that the goods will be delivered the next day at 4 pm. But in order to complete the delivery procedure, the customer care representative asked Stete to pay a delivery fee of Rs 2 by clicking on a link he received on his phone number.

Following the instructions of the caller, Shete opened the link and paid the fee through his UPI ID linked to the State Bank of India. However, after paying the fee, Shete received back-to-back messages of unauthorised transactions and around Rs 99,995 was deducted from his bank account in four instalments.

The complaint further mentions that Rs 39,999 was deducted for the first instalment, Rs 19,999 as the second instalment and the rest amount was deducted in two more instalments. After receiving messages of unauthorised transactions, Shete filed a complaint in the police station.

A case was registered and the police traced the location of the accused, who was in West Bengal. The police are further investigating the case.

Notably, in this case of online fraud, the official got tricked by the caller who introduced himself as a worker from Blue Dart Customer Service. Probably, the customer care number which Shete found online was fake and when he reached out to them, the scammer tricked him. The scammer sent a malicious link to Shete and when he clicked on the link and initiated the payment of Rs 2, the cyber criminal got all the details of his UPI ID. The details were later used to steal money from his bank account.

While it is not new on how scammers are stealing sensitive data from users' phones using links or tricking them by asking for OTP or paying some fee, the cases of scams in which victims reach out to customer care through the numbers available on the internet are increasing. The numbers are listed by criminals and people fall for it without verifying it.

In order to be safe from such scams, it is advisable not to share sensitive details like OTP or bank details online. Always verify callers and numbers available online. In case there is a need to contact the customer care helpline, refer to the official site of the company instead of just typing on Google search and dialling the first number which appears on the sea

Published on: Mar 17, 2023, 11:28 AM IST
Posted by: BT Siteadmin, Mar 17, 2023, 11:18 AM IST