WhatsApp new features: From Dark Mode to Boomerang videos, new updates coming to chat app in 2019

WhatsApp new features: From Dark Mode to Boomerang videos, new updates coming to chat app in 2019

WhatsApp new features:  WhatsApp will soon update its chat app to bring features like Dark mode, Boomerang and more

WhatsApp new features WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp has not stopped updating its app with new features in 2019. The chat app recently bought new features like fingerprint authentication and continuous voice messages for its users and is expected to further update its app, which will set it apart from its competitors. There have been rumours about the dark mode and edit media feature for long but that's not all and the Facebook-owned company is looking to make its app more intuitive.

Features that WhatsApp fans want in 2019

Boomerang for WhatsApp:  Facebook is known to pick features from its own apps and make them universally available. It started with Stories amd now WhatsApp is all set to get Boomerang feature of Instagram. The feature will allow users to play a video in loop. It will be available in the Video Type panel along with the convert to GIF feature.

Dark Mode: WhatsApp has been talking about the introducing the dark mode since mid-2018, however, a delay in the launch has made the chat app fans impatient. Facebook's Messenger app already has the dark mode and WhatsApp could soon get the feature. Besides looking good, the new mode will make chatting easier on the users' eyes at night and will also save battery.

Ranking of contacts on WhatsApp: The new contact ranking feature in WhatsApp has been in talks for months and promises to automatically rank contacts by detecting, which contacts users interact the most. The ranking feature will make it easier for people to find their most-contacted friends.

Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook: The new feature will be a first step towards the integration of WhatsApp with the parent Facebook. In future, the users of WhatsApp will be able to share their WhatsApp status posts on Facebook and Instagram. The transfer of the status is made using the data-sharing API used by iOS and Android. The API lets users share content without linking the accounts.

Voice message previews in notification: WhatsApp allows preview of photos and videos in the notification but does not allow it for the voice messages. However, the chat app is now planning to allow its users to preview voice messages.

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Published on: Aug 26, 2019, 11:02 AM IST
Posted by: Udit Verma, Aug 26, 2019, 11:02 AM IST