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India-Pakistan conflict: Imran Khan says if war happens, it won't be in his or Modi's control

India-Pakistan conflict: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is not in their interest to promote terrorism and that talks are the only way out.

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | February 27, 2019 | Updated 17:02 IST
India-Pakistan conflict: Imran Khan says if war happens, it won't be in his or Modi's control

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that they are ready to talk about terrorism and that better sense should prevail this time around. Khan invoked both the World Wars and the Vietnam War in his address to the nation and said that history is proof that all wars have been miscalculated. Khan added that if a war takes place now, it will not be in his or Prime Minister Narendra Modi's control. "Let us open the corridor of negotiations and settle all outstanding issues," he said.  

Bringing up the Pulwama attack, Imran Khan said, "We offered India every possible support into the investigation into the Pulwama attack. That's not in Pakistan's interest to promote terrorism. It is not in the interest of Pakistan that its soil should be used for exporting terror. Similarly, Pakistani soil cannot be subjected to terror,"

He said that no sovereign country can allow another to become judge, jury and executioner, which is why he had told India that in case of aggression there would be no option for Pakistan but to respond.

PM Khan also said that all wars in history have been miscalculated and those who started them thought it would get over soon but that's not what happened. "All wars in world history have been miscalculated; those who started the wars did not know where it will end. So, I want to ask India, with the weapons you and we have, can we afford miscalculation?" he added.

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He said that "after India's provocation" Pakistan shot down two IAF jets today, adding that they ensured that there were no casualties and no collateral damage in the operations. "The intent was to show India, we can and would respond if aggression would be thrust upon us," he added.

"If you can enter our country, we can also enter your territory. Two Indian MiGs who entered Pakistani airspace today after our retaliation were shot down. But where do we go from here?" the prime minister asked.

Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated the need for talks, and said, "If a war takes place, it will not be in my or Narendra Modi's control. If you want any kind of talks on terrorism, we are ready. Better sense must prevail. We should sit down and talk."

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