Robert Vadra leaves ED office after six-hour-long interrogation in money laundering case

Robert Vadra leaves ED office after six-hour-long interrogation in money laundering case

After a gruelling six-hour-long questioning session today, Vadra will appear before Enforcement Directorate once again tomorrow to face queries in connection to the money laundering case against him.

Robert Vadra came out of the office of the Enforcement Directorate after a marathon six-hour-long interrogation session over a money laundering case against him. Vadra, the husband of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and brother-in-law of party president Rahul Gandhi, had appeared before the probe agency on Wednesday following a court order to cooperate in the investigation against him.

Vadra's lawyer Suman Jyoti Khaitan stated that his client has given an undertaking that he will appear before the ED whenever he is summoned. He has to appear before the ED again on February 7 (Thursday) at 10:30 am.

During the gruelling question-and-answer session, reportedly answered around 40 questions related to properties allegedly owned by him, his relation to other accused in the money laundering case and charges of kickbacks received in petroleum and defence deal during UPA regime. His statement was recorded under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

In his statement, Vadra refuted charges of owning multiple immovable properties in London levelled against him by the ED. During the bail trial before Delhi's Patiala House Court, the agency said it has discovered mansions and several apartments worth Rs 112 crore in total, which are allegedly owned by Vadra.

During the questioning, Vadra also said that he does have any business ties with arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari and his cousin Sumit Chadda. He did acknowledge that he know Manoj Arora, whom he said used to work for him. He, however, said that Arora has never written an e-mail on his behalf. This was in relation to the e-mail trail between Vadra and Bhandari, which ED posed before Vadra during the questioning. The e-mail thread in question showed the two talking about refurbishing a London property, which the agency believes is owned by Vadra.

Earlier today, Vadra arrived at the ED office with his wife Priyanka Gandhi, sister of Rahul Gandhi. She left shortly after for the Congress headquarters to assume the office of General Secretary of Uttar Pradesh (East) for Congress, a responsibility she was given recently.

"Everybody knows what's happening," Priyanka said while talking to reporters outside the ED offices in a veiled jab at BJP.

"He is my husband, he is my family... I support my family," Priyanka had said in a show of support to Vadra.

The BJP seized on the questioning of Vadra to mount an attack against the Congress. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra alleged at a news conference that Vadra got kickbacks from petroleum and defence deals took place during the UPA regime

Patra said that Vadra bought 8 to 9 properties in London from the money he got as kickbacks from petroleum and defence deal which took place in 2008-09 when the UPA was in power. Patra did not provide any evidence to back up his claim, though.

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