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  • Star India Chairman & CEO, Uday Shankar, is known for his out of the box strategies. Will they pay off?
Nov 05, 2017
Cover Story To Buy Or Not To Buy?

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The residential realty market is expected to look up post-RERA and other consumer-friendly provisions, but the loopholes are hurting
Mutual Funds Fund Snapshot

Fund Snapshot

Balanced funds have received massive inflows this year. Their annualized returns over long term (five years) are close to that of large-cap funds.
Features Why Modi, Jaitley will take time to get Indian economy back on track, restore high GDP growth

Why Modi, Jaitley will take time to get Indian economy back on track, restore high GDP growth

All major engines of economic growth - private investment, private consumption, exports, agriculture and even government expenditure - have either failed to pick up momentum or slowed down.


The Asian Development Bank event will analyse supply-side policies that can promote access to finance by SMEs and generally foster higher SME productivity and growth.

Capital Crisis

Capital expenditure clearly indicates a slowdown. Both intentions to invest and projects completed show a sharply deteriorating economy. Here are the detailed numbers.

The New Realty

Why top-notch real estate companies are entering the affordable housing market

Rock Bottom

Business sentiment hits a new low on rising concerns over economic slowdown and GST, finds the latest Business Today-C fore Business Confidence Survey.

The Economy Debate

The Indian economy is being buffeted by a series of crises. Economic growth has slowed down considerably. This has led to lower private investment, fewer new jobs being created and a slowdown in export growth. As if all these are not enough, even agriculture seems to have hit a trough. Much of the slump in GDP growth during the first quarter of the current fiscal to 5.7 per cent has been attributed to the impact of demonetisation last year, followed by the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax or GST this year. To understand where the economy is headed and possible future policy direction, Business Today's Rajeev Dubey posed questions to former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar. Here are their vastly diverse views on a range of issues.

Industrial Graveyard

The economic stagnation in Jammu and Kashmir cannot be attributed to law and order problems alone.

Digital Dash

The digital era calls for business transformation that would focus on adding value to customer experience

From Bad to Worse

Reliance Communications is lurching from one crisis to another with no definite end to its pain.

Making News Sense

Social media channels are striving to get better at presenting news.

Old and Shopping

Seniority provides products curated for senior citizens so that they do not have to depend on anybody


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said there is a strong case for bringing real estate under the goods and services tax or GST.
Investment Here's a financial guide for families with monthly income of over Rs 2 lakh

Here's a financial guide for families with monthly income of over Rs 2 lakh

Building an emergency fund and getting adequate health cover should be the Varadarajans' top priorities, says Financial Planner Vishal Dhawan

A Date with Debt Market

With bank deposit rates plunging, investors look at corporate bonds, but there are some pitfalls

Golden Days

Gold had done well this year. Should you buy this festive season?

Error of Omission

What to do if you have missed filing your I-T return
Columns Subsidiaries Unshelled

Subsidiaries Unshelled

A newly notified rule capping layers on subsidiary companies is a step towards delivering 'swachh corporate structure abhiyaan'.

The Directors Cut

Disqualification of 2,00,000 directors looks like an extreme step. Let governance and discipline be enhanced through other means
Corporate Keeping Companies Above Board

Keeping Companies Above Board

How board members can ensure good corporate governance.

Shell Shocked

Registration Cancellation of over 2 lakh inactive companies is a display of the government's cavalier attitude

Turning The Tide

Companies are becoming more efficient, paring working capital needs on lower commodity prices and inflation.
Technology Clear The Air

Clear The Air

A quick guide to choosing the right air purifier to brace for the deteriorating air quality this festive season.

A Step Forward

With watchOS 4 and improved hardware, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a better fitness companion.

See Bigger

The two new portable projectors from Portronics are easy to use and serve basic projecting needs.
People peoplebusiness


Rajnish Kumar, the new chairman of the State Bank of India, in a letter, urged employees of the company "to maintain the highest standards of ethics", to keep in touch with the latest technology and provide courteous service to customers.
Letters Letters to the Editor: November 5, 2017

Letters to the Editor: November 5, 2017

Letters to the Editor Business Today Magazine
Leadership Spotlight "I Am Certainly Concerned About Price Caps"

"I Am Certainly Concerned About Price Caps"

Shravan Subramanyam, Managing Director of Roche Diagnostics India, tells Joe C. Mathew about the business prospects offered by India's new National Health Policy
Focus Transforming Energy

Transforming Energy

India wants to set up a gas exchange to promote alternative energy and fast-track oil import reduction

The Rain Impact

A late-season surge in monsoon rain may help rabi crops, but the real impact on farmers will depend on remunerative pricing.
Editors note The Risk-Taker

The Risk-Taker

From the Editor Prosenjit Datta
Book Of Open Minds and Borders

Of Open Minds and Borders

The author argues that for the idea of the West to prevail, the values of openness and equality must be embraced.

The Four Cs

A constructive guide to unlocking the true potential of Gen-Y in the workforce.
Expert Speak "In India, out-of-pocket expenses are very high"

"In India, out-of-pocket expenses are very high"

Ashish Mehrotra, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Max Bupa Health Insurance, talks to Teena Jain Kaushal and Priyadarshini Maji about rising premium rates and factors that are driving the growth of the health insurance industry in India.