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  • Smart Governance, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Transportation and Cars, Smart Agriculture, Smart Finance, Smart Healthcare, Smart Workplace.
Jan 15, 2017
Features "Though ads mean we can make more money, we would rather not"

"Though ads mean we can make more money, we would rather not"

Jimmy Wales, Co-founder, Wikipedia, talks about ensuring authenticity of content in today's times, and why the non-profit will always be ad-free.


Digital agriculture empowers farmers

Farm to Fork

Delhi-based start-up Sabziwala aims to eliminate the middleman, while providing customers with pre-weighed and pre-packed fruit and vegetables.

A Uber for Agriculture

EM3 provides modern, affordable farm technology services on a pay-per-use basis.

E-mpowered States

E-governance is the watchword in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, both of which have launched unique digital initiatives.


Smarter Banking

Technology is making the traditional ways of banking pass. India, too, has been fast to catch up.

The India Potential

Digitally Yours

Sensibly Hi-Tech

How beneficial is technology for workplace performance? At a high level, we know that it makes us more productive.

The Grid Revolution

Global investment in smart grid infrastructure has increased from an estimated $67 billion in 2009 to nearly $200 billion in 2015.

Finally, A RoboDoc!

Enjoy Rooftop Sunshine

The Sun has never shone brighter for the rooftop solar market in India.

Change the Dialogue on Climate Change

Is it any surprise that so many people in the business world say, "Yes, we like the environment; look we have a nice CSR policy. But our primary focus is economic returns and the growth of our business!"

Bringing digital India to life

Digitisation is creating tremendous opportunities for economies across the globe, and India is an example of a country that not only understands this opportunity, but has embraced it.

A Cashless Climate

Connectivity, security, costs and bitcoin usage are among the key issues to be resolved as India moves towards a digitised economy.

Robots at work

End of the Dark Ages

Human Spare Parts

Smart Water Management

If you want to really get smart with water, the first thing you should realise is that in most parts of India, water is abundantly available.

The D-Way

Inclusivity is Key

The Future of Training

New technology, data analytics and social networks are just some of the innumerable factors playing a huge role in shaping how people think, communicate, collaborate and work today.

Unleashing Innovations in Mobility

Environment, sustainability and the broader welfare of the human race are big motivators behind these pursuits.

Towards e-Governance

It can be said that the role of ICT in the public sector has evolved from informatisation to providing smart government.

The dawn of P2P lending

With demonetisation came a severe cash-crunch and the new normal needed new business models.

A Sea of Possibilities

Desalination has played a crucial role in the unhindered growth of Singapore.

Digitising Agriculture

India is one of the most water-challenged countries in the world.

Unlocking the Promise of Telecommuting

A technological revolution is gradually liberating the modern workplace by unchaining work from place.

Get ready for a Digital Tsunami

Taking Wings

What are the key global and regional trends influencing the future of aviation and airports?

Bridging the Digital Divide

Today, the digital divide in India is real - illiteracy rate is 25-30 per cent and digital illiteracy is even higher.

On the Fast Track

Self-driving cars have been one of the most transformative technologies in the recent past.

Energy Needs a Tech Push

India, like any developing country, cannot overlook the pivotal role of the power sector in fuelling its overall development.

Share the future

But the problem is not so much cars themselves-it's how we use them.

Concrete Farms

Smartening Up Traffic Management

Globalisation, population growth and urbanisation are overwhelming transportation systems around the world.

Genomics and Future of Medicine

Jumping the Firewall

With criminals spreading their web in cyberspace, efficient and effective policing is making it imperative to master new digital tools.

A tale of two villages

Gujarats Akodara has turned cashless, while nearby Daramali has gone smart.

Health care

While urban healthcare facilities have improved quite sharply in the past decade - especially because of private investments and the growth of large chains of multi-speciality and super-speciality hospitals - public delivery of healthcare has not been able to keep pace with the requirements.

Smart Prescriptions

Tech-savvy health care is making a difference to both the well-off and those with limited resources and access.


The Smarter City

Jaipur is leading by example with its ahead-of-the-curve initiatives.

Betting on the Consumer

Solve the problems of people to succeed in business, asserted Acharya Balkrishna at BT MindRush.

Note-worthy Debate

Officials, top economists slug it out and try to make sense of what India would look like after the government's demonetisation gamble

Setting the Agenda 2016

The fourth edition of BT MindRush was a spectacular success, brainstorming challenges before corporate India, felicitating the best CEOs, and much, much more.

Picture Perfect

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the year, the fourth edition of BT MindRush, lived up to the hype as the sharpest minds in the country set the agenda for businesses and governments. A whole host of issues were debated threadbare, ranging from demonetisation to the movements of stock markets. Here is the event in pictures

Negotiating the Impossible

To negotiate, you just need a learning mindset, says Harvard Business School's Prof. Deepak Malhotra.

Buy Equity, Buy Now...

Dalal Street veterans were not only convinced that the central government's demonetisation move will be good for the stock market in 2017, but were upbeat about the overall outklook for the next five years.

I-T Dept will be even more effective in catching tax evaders. Here's why

The income tax department is using big data to catch tax evaders.

Going Places

Disruptions are set to rock the transport industry, with travellers gaining more control than before.

Transportation and Cars

Tiruppur's Smart Water

How India's knitwear capital overcame its water shortage and reduced pollution.

Turning the Tide

Despite the odds, Nagpur's 24x7 project continues to bring regular water to more people in the city.

On-Demand Workforce

Are companies, and the country's workforce, ready for the gig economy?


It's all about Team Work


Over the past few years digital governance, or e-governance, has become a buzzword in most big states.
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