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  • Death without a will could leave successors in a quandary. Here is a quick primer to understand how things work in a no-will situation
Sep 24, 2017
Cover Story Evolving Luxury

Evolving Luxury

The new rich prefer the discreet; they also love an experience.
Features These are the places where India's super-rich hang out and socialise

These are the places where India's super-rich hang out and socialise

For, the guest list included the likes of Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Rahul Bajaj, Anand Mahindra and Shobhana Bhartia.

Meet India's uber-rich who love to flaunt their wealth on Instagram

When Instagram started in 2010, its purpose was to design a platform for people who want to share image-worthy moments with their friends and followers. But in less than a decade, the young and the wealthy of the world seem to have taken over.

Donald Trump's business in India: The roller coaster ride of Trump Towers

Donald Trump came jetting into Pune way back in August 2014 to inaugurate the first of the Trump Towers in India.

The A-List

At the end of 2016, India had approximately 264,000 high net worth individuals, or HNIs (with wealth of $1 million or more), 12 per cent higher than the previous year. Their combined wealth is $3 trillion

This is how boutique hotels are creating a niche in a market overwhelmed by hotel chains

The luxury boutique hotel market is burgeoning but could grow even faster.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted in September 2015 is a key inspiration and opportunity to reshape the economy.

Its Got The Look

A sprinkling of Indian avant-garde cuisine is making fine dining exciting.


Losses in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. This makes Harvey the worlds 9th most expensive natural disaster since 1900.
Luxury Special 2017 Inside India's luxurious palaces-turned-hotels

Inside India's luxurious palaces-turned-hotels

This daunting task requires money but makes more money in return.

Loved The Grand Budapest Hotel? Now, meet India's very own Gustave

No task is big enough for these concierges - be it a tour of Mt. Everest or delivering an auto rickshaw in Saudi Arabia. No wonder they are driving business at their hotels.

The Art Of The Deal

In spite of a sales slump, global art advisors are upbeat on India.

Vintage Point

Southex Books and Prints in Delhi, an antiquarian bookshop, is a haven for those seeking the luxury of rarity.

Passing on Wealth

How to prepare for a seamless and hassle-free transfer to the next generation

Six Sublime Brews

Here are some of my favourite tea gardens and their finest teas.

Bold and Beautiful

Connoisseurs want brands that focus on craft and mechanism

A State of Mind

Great single malt whisky is like Jazz. The more you endeavour to understand it, the more you will love it

Hide and Seek

The wealthy would never tire of tax games, but with the growing use of data-driven analytics and sophisticated audit tools, it is becoming easy to connect the dots

Richie-rich Breaks

Where the uber-wealthy go on vacation, and what they do there.

Making the Cut

Some Indian luxury brands are finally acquiring a global reputation.

The High Life

JetSetGo has redefined luxury in the private jet space.

All Terrain Luxury

Super luxury car makers are racing against each other to develop the most capable and desirable off-roader. It signals a new dawn in the luxury automobile business.

The Best Gets Better

The world's most luxurious car for almost a century, Rolls Royce Phantom, is getting an overhaul. It promises to push the envelope further on automotive extravagance.

Luxury For Less

Rental luxury market in India is slowly gaining momentum.

Home with a Hotel

Luxury service apartments are changing the way business is done.
Focus Why McDonald's four-year-long battle with Vikram Bakshi is a glorious mess

Why McDonald's four-year-long battle with Vikram Bakshi is a glorious mess

In a game of who blinks first, the battle between McDonald's and its estranged partner Vikram Bakshi looks set to play out in various courts before it is settled in the boardroom.

The Lag Effect

GST, demonetisation pull down GDP growth sharply in the first quarter of 2017/18.

The Long Road

The delay in the CCEA nod to the Fosun-Gland Pharma deal raises several questions.

Taking A Dive

With airlines focusing on profits, the ballistic growth in air travel has started tapering off.

Not So Rewarding

This year's stock market surge has not delivered the kind of long-term returns that earlier bull runs did.

The Great Fall

Lower solar and wind power tariffs should have boosted their use but have led to a crisis in the segment.
Mutual Funds Fund Snapshot

Fund Snapshot

In equities, tax-saving funds are matching returns given by large-cap funds, while in debt funds, dynamic bond funds have been clear winners
Investment Lower The Bar

Lower The Bar

The Yadav family needs to postpone some goals due to lack of sufficient surplus funds, says Financial Planner Pankaaj Maalde

RIP in Cyberspace

Should we let our digital footprints disappear, gather dust or stay alive when we are no more? Opinions vary, and so do rules. 

Keeping money in savings account may not be wise, here's what you can do instead

Worried about falling interest rates? Use liquid funds.

An Uncertain Offer

IPOs have done exceptionally well over the past few years. It is time to exercise caution
Expert Speak "Aadhaar, PAN to help in faster claim settlement"

"Aadhaar, PAN to help in faster claim settlement"

From implementation of GST to adoption of new technologies, Anuj Mathur, Chief Executive Officer of Canara HSBC OBC Life, talks with Teena Jain Kaushal and Priyadarshini Maji on how the industry is bracing for changes
People People Business

People Business

Nandan Nilekani is back at Infosys as its non-executive chairman, an initiative welcomed by the company's beleaguered investors.
Letters Letters to the Editor: September 24, 2017

Letters to the Editor: September 24, 2017

Letters to the Editor Business Today Magazine
Leadership Spotlight "We are taxed to hell and back"

"We are taxed to hell and back"

Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, tells Sumant Banerji about leadership, luxury and managing disruption in business
Editors note The Luxe Life

The Luxe Life

From the Editor Prosenjit Datta