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Dec 03, 2017
Cover Story "Vedanta can fundamentally be another Exxon, BHP"

"Vedanta can fundamentally be another Exxon, BHP"

Vedanta chief Anil Agarwal is on a roll with global prices of zinc and aluminium rising sharply over the past few months. Business Today's Rajeev Dubey spoke to Anil Agarwal on the way forward.

Commodity Czar

Anil Agarwal has seen his fortunes change with an upswing in commodity prices.
Banking How linking Aadhaar with PAN affects banking, mutual funds, income tax

How linking Aadhaar with PAN affects banking, mutual funds, income tax

Aadhaar linkage could improve access to several financial services

Bitcoin-like currencies could be hi-tech fraud, stay away from MLM schemes selling virtual money

Bitcoin, the oldest and the largest circulated currency, was launched after the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. To bail out their financial institutions, governments of developed countries printed their currencies in billions.
LATEST India's Chabahar vs China's Gwadar: New Delhi plays tic-tac-toe with Beijing

India's Chabahar vs China's Gwadar: New Delhi plays tic-tac-toe with Beijing

India has been making a concerted effort to spread its influence across Asia, both to its east and west, countering China at every step.

Payment Blues

A flawed telecom story is unfolding at the Anil Ambani-controlled Reliance Communications.

The Googl(e)y

Uncertainty over taxation of income from digital businesses of multinational companies is back in headlines.
Mutual Funds It's a Deal

It's a Deal

The most competitive loan and deposit rates in the market
Travel Different Strokes

Different Strokes

International hotel chains are using a multibrand and asset-light strategy to grow faster.

The Disruption

Several changes are shaking up the structure of the travel sector.

The European Touch

Sarovar Hotels and Resorts is looking to conquer new frontiers after the acquisition by the Louvre Group.

Uber Luxury

A boutique hotel chain promises a fine blend of extravagance and out-of-the-box experiences.

A Thriving Industry But..

Tourism in India accounts for 10 per cent of GDP. It's also the third-largest foreign exchange earner. Still, the country's share of international tourism has much scope for improvement.
The Buzz Lower Taxes Ahead

Lower Taxes Ahead

Bowing to pressure from traders and perhaps with the sentiment in poll-bound Gujarat, the GST Council at its 23rd meeting in Guwahati, removed 178 items - including most consumer goods - from the 28 per cent peak bracket.

Farm Subsidies or Peace?

The December meeting of the WTO at Buenos Aires is likely to witness some heated debates between India and some of the developed nations on eliminating farm subsidies.

Bonded With the Best

Bonds worth Rs 1.35 lakh crore are being issued to recapitalise public sector banks.

In Critical Care

While the government is egging on multinational medical device manufacturers to make in India, domestic manufacturers say they are a neglected lot.

A Thin Silver Lining

A total of 649 companies that have declared results for the September quarter showed net sales growth of 5.8 per cent year on year as against 9.6 per cent in the previous quarter.


Criticism over demonetisation appears to have put the government in an overdrive.

The Pending Homework

India has jumped 30 positions to reach the 100th spot in the World Bank's annual Ease of Doing Business ranking of 190 nations.

Clean Power

It has been close to 10 years since India started taking renewable energy seriously. Here is what it has achieved

GoodWorkLabs: Making Great Strides

With an emphasis on design thinking, the IT products start-up has quickly built an impressive clientele.

Future hazy

This year, Indias largest car maker, Maruti Suzuki, is the second best performing stock among automobile companies in the world.

A Lot on the Plate

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, or FSSAI, has launched a portal for effective and transparent implementation of food laws.

No Shortcuts!

How not to increase followers on social media

Global Business

21st Century Fox is holding talks to sell most of the company to Walt Disney Co.
The Hub "Firms that can re-invent themselves are not constrained by demand"

"Firms that can re-invent themselves are not constrained by demand"

Francisco DSouza, CEO of IT services major Cognizant, still writes code. There is a reason. "Not because I'm billable but because you got to know," he says. The world of technology services is changing and employees are in an era of "life-long learning". If they don't learn, they become obsolete. DSouza, however, remains an optimist. He tells Business Today's Goutam Das that the demand for technologists and services work is not ebbing despite automation and a growing chorus of protection in key markets for Indian IT.

The Hunt Begins

Armed with war chests, global distressed funds are eyeing troubled assets in India.
FROM THE MAG Playing It Safe

Playing It Safe

Private sector banks report higher bad assets due to regulatory diktat
Columns There is Still Hope For The Commuter

There is Still Hope For The Commuter

Smaller cities and radial roads could bring people closer.
Technology Gearing Up For An Electric Future

Gearing Up For An Electric Future

India's automakers will have to make a lot of effort to survive the coming electric vehicle revolution.

Future Ready

With the iPhone X, all that glitters is, indeed, gold. The 5.8-inch, bezel-less screen when switched on offers a vibrant OLED display.

All About Bokeh

Now Get striking out-of-focus blur in your pictures without investing in a dual-camera smartphone

Mooving To IoT

How the dairy industry is benefiting from the Internet of Things.
Rebrain or Rot The Future of Travel

The Future of Travel

The possibilities and scope for the application of machine learning in travel are endless
The Break-Out Zone Earn Your Coffee break

Earn Your Coffee break

A few, not-so-hard lifestyle changes can help you prevent and deal with diabetes

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

The Business Today HR Knowledge Forum discussed gripping HR issues that impact industry on a day-to-day basis.

How to Pack Smart

Clever strategies for an organised luggage bag and comfortable travel

Select Extravagance

Hand-picked luxury offerings from the world of fashion, travel, timepieces, jewellery and home decor.
Leadership Spotlight Leaderspeak


Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto, tells Sumant Banerji about what he learnt from the gurus
Editors note Mining Badshah

Mining Badshah

Commodity prices have risen sharply in the past year and a half. Global zinc prices have more than doubled.
Book Dark Truths

Dark Truths

An engaging account of the journey of coal, and its significance in India's history, economy and politics.
Investment Cash Flow Issues? Reset Your goals

Cash Flow Issues? Reset Your goals

"As Patra has adequate insurance cover via term plan, he should think of converting other policies to paid-up status" says, Financial Planner Pankaj Mathpal

Find and Claim

If you or your family have funds lying with financial institutions for a long time, it is time to track and claim your dues.
Expert Speak "Telematics will help ascertain correct premium"

"Telematics will help ascertain correct premium"

Pushan Mahapatra, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI General Insurance, talks with Teena Jain Kaushal on how the industry is gearing up for changes.

Money Matters

Managing your money can be tricky. Send your queries and top-notch industry leaders will help you resolve any issue.


Insurance Measuring Up

Measuring Up

How to analyse a life insurance company before investing
Stocks The Better Choice

The Better Choice

Irrespective of who creates larger shareholder wealth, following the investment ideas of institutional investors is one of the easiest methods of identifying quality stocks.