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Cover Story

  • Farmers are finding newer ways, and means, to conduct transactions in times of lockdown
  • India's $120-billion automobile industry will see lower factory output, greater consolidation among suppliers, digital showrooms and simulated test-drives
  • The financial services industry was already undergoing a transformation in business model. The pandemic will now accelerate the process
  • Lockdown has given a big push to virtual courts. Will this be the turning point in Indian judiciary?
  • Digital connect with doctors and remote health monitoring are changing the healthcare delivery model
  • How hotels are reinventing themselves to stay afloat
  • The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to reimagine and reinvent
  • Indian manufacturing companies plan value-added products, entry into export markets to kickstart business
  • MSME guide to survival has several drastic measures such as lower leverage and diversification into newer areas
  • Pharmaceutical players will set up plants in major markets, go for more automation and focus on digital marketing
May 31, 2020
Network Character Building with Taekwondo

Character Building with Taekwondo

The 51-year-old, who got the top job at Nasdaq in January 2017, took up the martial art form more than a decade ago after making her two sons sign up for taekwondo classes at a young age

A Knack for Taste

Sharma is not just a foodie. He loves to cook as well. But one thing that he never got right is making round rotis

The Long Serve

Kumar, who is also a Bollywood movie buff, would be surely looking forward to biopics on Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu that will hit the theatres in no time
Technology Tech Rescue

Tech Rescue

A clutch of start-ups is offering solutions to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic
Policy Force Majeure Restraint

Force Majeure Restraint

Companies invoking the clause must remember that it does not ensure guaranteed protection from contractual obligations
Management How Productive is Work From Home?

How Productive is Work From Home?

Companies are rediscovering what works and what doesn't
Industry The Coming Crunch

The Coming Crunch

In a Covid-stricken world, as government spending shifts to healthcare, infrastructure should not get the short shrift. That could severely impact the economy
Finance RBI's Blocked Tap

RBI's Blocked Tap

The traditional approach of pumping money into banks to push liquidity to corporates and NBFCs is not working. It's time to change the strategy
Editors note Re-engineer, Reinvent

Re-engineer, Reinvent

In India, it's been a waiting and guessing game. To many, the inordinate delay in announcing the second stimulus is worrying, intriguing - even frustrating
Economy Stimulus: Here is the Money

Stimulus: Here is the Money

India badly needs a stimulus. Here's how to find the money
Columns Provide Equity, Not Debt

Provide Equity, Not Debt

Why equity financing by the government may be an important step to get India Inc. back on track
Leadership Spotlight "Dissent is the Voice of Progress"

"Dissent is the Voice of Progress"

Mahesh Balasubramanian, MD & CEO, Kotak Mahindra General Insurance