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  • Do not get overwhelmed by the smart market recovery and book profitS. The uptrend is likely to continue
Aug 09, 2020
Cover Story Future Uncertain

Future Uncertain

Kishore Biyani is staring at a major debt crisis. Here is why the options for the Future Group Chairman are limited
Network Cooking to De-stress

Cooking to De-stress

Mehrotra's personal favourites are pasta and grilled chicken, his go-to dishes because they are the quickest to prepare

Pushing Oneself with Extreme Sports

Though he stepped down as President of Google's parent company Alphabet in December 2019, Brin will ensure that Googlers have a passion for intense sports

The Occasional Flier

Devare, who helps his clients manage risks by taking insurance cover for businesses, sees many similarities between insurance and flying; both, he says, involve risk and discipline
Policy Digital Tax: The Road Ahead

Digital Tax: The Road Ahead

Even as India increases the scope of the Equalisation Levy, the US has initiated a probe against 10 countries for imposing taxes on digital services. This could effectively mean India, like many others, could face US reprisal, going forward
Markets Decoding the Recovery

Decoding the Recovery

Large, mid and small-cap stocks have all taken part in the recent rally. Is this sustainable?
Management Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend

In a season of layoffs and pay cuts, select companies are not just hiring, but also compensating better, here's why
Interview "A Mechanism That Expects NPAs to Find Their Own Solutions is Useless"

"A Mechanism That Expects NPAs to Find Their Own Solutions is Useless"

India Inc. and its lenders are in a legal crisis. Pre-empting a financial meltdown due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Centre has suspended the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code for a year
Industry Brand: The X-factor

Brand: The X-factor

Branding goes for course correction to reach consumers stuck at home

Surviving the Pandemic

Evolving regulations and poor infrastructure are turning out to be pain points for the private healthcare sector, already struggling to manage the virus outbreak

Desi vs. Videshi

A campaign for boycott of Chinese products is opening up opportunities for local brands in smartphones and TVs. But do they have the scale to upstage the Chinese?
Columns Spy in the Room

Spy in the Room

One of the most fundamental of our rights is the presumption that we are law-abiding citizens living in compliance with the law. State surveillance turns that on its head
Finance Deals in Distress

Deals in Distress

A slowing economy and widespread stress in India Inc. are creating opportunities for promoters and strategic investors to ink M&As, buy back shares and delist
Editors note A Felled Retailer

A Felled Retailer

When historians chronicle India's coronavirus-induced business collapses, Biyani's Future Group is unlikely to go unnoticed
Economy Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope

Business confidence bounces a bit in the first quarter as corporate leaders remain hopeful of bigger government intervention to revive the economy, finds the latest Business Today-C fore Business Confidence Survey
Leadership Spotlight "Choose Your Battles Wisely, Fight the Most Important Ones and Let the Rest Go"

"Choose Your Battles Wisely, Fight the Most Important Ones and Let the Rest Go"

Gerd Hoefner, MD and President, Siemens Healthineers India