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Cover Story

  • Despite an ambitious target, public expenditure on infrastructure - the only functional engine of the economy - is dwindling. That spells bad news for economic recovery
Sep 06, 2020
Cover Story Managing Finances in Sunset Years

Managing Finances in Sunset Years

Senior citizens have been hit hardest by record low interest rates since that is their main source of regular income during retirement years. There are also very few health insurance plans available above 65, and those that are there come with high premiums. Heres How they can tide over this crisis
Network High On Guitar Strings

High On Guitar Strings

"Music acts as an outlet for me to explore my creative side. It gives me a positive high. I find great pleasure in writing lyrics," says Kachhwaha

The Oracle Who Plays The Ukulele

Buffet picked up playing the ukulele while wooing his first wife, Susan. He has performed duets for charity with rock band Jon Bon Jovi and actress Glenn Close

A Rich and Fulfilling Harvest

Farming is a very enriching and rewarding experience, says Gorthi
Expert Speak Money Matters

Money Matters

Managing your money can be tricky. Send your queries, and personal finance experts will help you resolve any issue
Technology Joining the Blockchain

Joining the Blockchain

From banking and logistics to governance, the public ledger technology is helping cut cost and time, enhancing efficiencies
Policy Fixing AAR

Fixing AAR

The advance ruling mechanism under GST is fraught with many gaps, which is compounding the problems of taxpayers

Willing Partners

India and the US are likely to restore some trade concessions, but an FTA is still years away
Industry Stuck in Reverse Gear

Stuck in Reverse Gear

The pandemic is set to push the auto industry back by over a decade. Partial recovery in June and July has raised hopes, but will it sustain?

Online Gaming: Show Me the Money

Stuck at home with limited sport and entertainment options, many are taking to online gaming. While companies hope to retain the surge in users, gaming is yet to make big money in India
Finance Fintechs Face RBI Red Flag

Fintechs Face RBI Red Flag

Fintechs' ties with banks and NBFCs have come under the Reserve Bank of Indias scanner for shoddy practices. Here is the inside story
Editors note Infrastructure Fault Lines

Infrastructure Fault Lines

With one major economic engine practically flat since 2013, India was still chugging along. Then, with domestic economy beginning to slow down, the second engine - private investment - started sputtering
Corporate The Return of Micromax

The Return of Micromax

After getting blitzed out of the market by Chinese smartphone makers, desi brand Micromax is making a comeback. Aided by a rising anti-China sentiment, it wants to regain its old position. Will it succeed?
Event Catering to Changing Demand

Catering to Changing Demand

DoT policies soon to improve broadband connectivity
Leadership Spotlight "The Culture of the Organisation Will Take It Towards Success"

"The Culture of the Organisation Will Take It Towards Success"

Piyush Patnaik, MD, Cargill's Oils Business in India