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  • Top Indian and global CEOs and experts on why the future is bright
Aug 23, 2020
Network On The Hunt

On The Hunt

But, in 2020, Zuckerberg has set a decadal target for himself. This includes focusing more on funding and giving a platform to younger entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders to enable change; helping small businesses; and see if you could live anywhere and access any job anywhere else

Closer To The Roots

Relli picked up an interest in cooking in his teens while making, as he says, an improvised version of Maggi with some vegetables

Sajjan Jindal's Heavy Lifting

Sajjan Jindal's son Parth is a trained squash professional who attends court every morning, especially when he is not sweating it out in the gym
Editors note Re-invigorate the Mind

Re-invigorate the Mind

Eventually everything rests on the Future of the Economy. Former RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya reminds us that an inter-dependent, inter-connected world is vital to the growth of the global economy
Special Firming Up Farms With Science

Firming Up Farms With Science

Combining billions of data points with their own intuition, farmers will be able to produce high-quality harvests using less land, energy, water and synthetic fertilisers

Sustainability on the Sleeves

AI will forecast demand trends, companies will strive to use far less water/chemicals while the new-age environmentally aware consumer will buy clothes that do not have to be dumped after a short period

Bank on, Powered by Tech

From using technology to sell financial products to being tech companies that use AI, Big Data and analytics for offering customised services, the banking industry will see a major shift

5G Will Unlock Industry 4.0

With network speed which are 10 to 100 times faster than 4G, robots can be controlled, monitored and reconfigured remotely

Drones, Robots to Take Over Disaster Response

AI and social media will fast-track disaster management systemS; 3D printing, Internet of Things to minimise human intervention, accidents

Data Will Help Find New Cures

Mining of huge data will enhance the probability of finding new drugs, making India the laboratory of the world

Free Trade to Decide Future of World Economy

In an interdependent world, all countries need to do well

Phygital Learning

Digital technologies will fill the gaps in our education system, be it virtual field trips, use of AR/VR in experiments or online lessons on-the-go

Number Crunching to Drive Consumer Insights

Companies will have to deal with shift in demand due to WFH, fall in conspicuous consumption, rise of a more socially aware consumer

Immunity Foods Will Drive Demand

Grandma's recipes will form an integral part of the platter; cooking to get more experimental

Money Will Move to Risky Assets

Low-interest rates and return on investment means people will chase yield, go for complex, leveraged products

Leveraging Global Supply Chains

Using big data and analytics, factories of the future will marry the physical and digital worlds

Get Ready for Social Business Banks

Allowing MFIs to take deposits and run like a social business will unleash the power of the micro entrepreneur sector

Renewables to Power 'Green' Recovery

Shift from fossil-based energy sources, decarbonisation of industrial sectors will drive change

Inclusive Tech to Power Businesses

More demand for tech-enabled jobs across industries; cybersecurity, privacy measures to be beefed up for protecting critical data

Mass Transit at Airliner Speeds

The first paradigm shift in transportation in over 100 years since the airplane could connect Mumbai and Pune in this decade, revolutionising travel across the globe
Leadership Spotlight "In Times of Crisis, Follow Your Experiences"

"In Times of Crisis, Follow Your Experiences"

Devesh Srivastava, Chairman & MD, GIC Re