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Cover Story

  • It's not just about generating wealth but also managing and protecting it
Sep 20, 2020
Network The Avid Golfer

The Avid Golfer

Khosla takes keen interest in organising the game and increasing participation by young golfers

Unplugging With Bjj

In his spare time, Wilson plays games, goes surfing and training on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a self-defence martial art based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds

The Conservationist

Jain's biggest passion is tiger conservation. He actively contributes to the World Wildlife Fund in his personal capacity
The Wealth Issue Don't Invest Based on Age

Don't Invest Based on Age

Instead, financial goals should decide risk appetite

Right Asset Mix is Key to Riches

Multi-asset portfolios outperform conventional counterparts

Stocks to Look Out for

Value investing is all about picking good quality stocks trading at a discount to historical valuations. BT crunches the numbers to bring you likely future wealth generators

Encashing the Right Chemistry

Product mix is crucial in chemistry as well as in business. Chemical company Deepak Nitrite relied on this mantra to create a success story

Building Riches in 2020

Real estate investment can take years to bear fruit. Here is how you can tweak your approach to make the most out of it
Editors note Mastering Wealth

Mastering Wealth

It's easier to generate wealth, but far more difficult to manage it. Managing it responsibly is the mantle increasingly being taken over by Family Offices - the newest concept in the progression from the age-old munim to HUFs to Trusts to holding companies
Leadership Spotlight "Shift Roles Periodically and Be Persistent in Approach"

"Shift Roles Periodically and Be Persistent in Approach"

Manish Bharti, President, India and SAARC, UiPath