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WhatsApp update: Group invite, fingerprint authentication, other top features launched in 2019

WhatsApp features: WhatsApp has introduced several new features including Fingerprint authentication, Consecutive voice messages and more in 2019

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | August 30, 2019 | Updated 12:11 IST
WhatsApp update: Group invite, fingerprint authentication, other top features launched in 2019
Top 5 WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is having a busy 2019. The Facebook-owned messaging platform with over a billion users worldwide have launched a number of updates and added several new features to stay ahead of the competition. The chat app has enhanced the security and privacy features for its iOS and Android users. Here's a quick list of top features that were launched in 2019.

Group Invitation: The new 'Group Invitation' feature can be enabled in the privacy settings by going to Account, Privacy and Group. It has come as a big relief, especially for those who were annoyed by getting randomly added to WhatsApp groups. The new privacy setting lets the users choose as to who can add them to the group chats.

Frequently Forwarded: WhatsApp launched a new feature called 'Frequently Forwarded' in 2019 to help a user identify a message that has been forwarded multiple times on the platform. The WhatsApp feature applies to text, image, video and audio messages. The Frequently Forwarded update of WhatsApp is aimed at combating fake news and spread of misinformation on its platform.

Fingerprint authentication: WhatsApp launched the fingerprint authentication feature to the beta users on the Android platform. iOS users already have fingerprint authentication, allowing users to unlock the WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID. To enable this feature user should head to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.

Consecutive voice messages: As the name suggest, the new consecutive voice message feature allows the users of the chat app to listen to voice messages one after the other, automatically. At the end of the first voice message, WhatsApp will notify the user with a sound. Immediately after the sound, it will play the next voice message. In between, the user is not required to take any action.

Save Profile picture: WhatsApp has made it impossible for you to copy, save and export the profile picture of other users. Earlier, WhatsApp allowed users to share the profile pictures of other users. Meanwhile, the feature has not been removed from the WhatsApp groups. It is still available for groups, where you can save group icons.

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