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Realme Watch teaser, live photo out ahead of India launch

Realme has teased the launch of the Watch S Pro in India but has not provided a date yet.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | December 11, 2020 | Updated 11:07 IST
Realme Watch S Pro live image. (Source: Madhav Sheth/ Twitter)


  • Realme Watch S Pro has been teased by Realme's Madhav Sheth.
  • The live image shows the circular dial and two physical buttons.
  • Realme Watch S Pro launch date is not available yet.

Realme launched its second smartwatch called the Watch S last month. This model is a significant upgrade over the Realme Watch that was introduced earlier this year to kick off the product segment. Now, Realme is teasing a Pro variant of the Watch S. Realme's Madhav Sheth has jumped the gun and posted a live image of the upcoming Realme Watch S Pro on Twitter, confirming the India launch is going to be soon. Alongside, the vanilla Realme Watch S will also be launched in India.

Sheth had previously confirmed that Realme will launch the Watch S in India back when these were announced at the IFA 2020 in Berlin. Although there was no timeline to go by for the launch, it was still expected that the Watch S could arrive in India by the end of this year. Now, Realme has begun creating hype around the smartwatches ahead of the launch. It is just the launch date is still not revealed, and we will have to wait for Realme to oust more teasers or make a formal announcement.

Realme Watch S Pro Design

By the looks of it, the Realme Watch S Pro seems a bigger version of the Watch S. Sheth is wearing the smartwatch on his wrist, showing the rubber strap with vertical grooves on it. The dial has a number ring on top, which indicates minutes, which also means it is not rotatable much like how the Samsung Galaxy Watch has it. There are two physical buttons on the side, both circular. One of them could be for main functionalities such as returning to the home screen or opening an app while the other will be associated with health and fitness features. The watch face looks mechanical style but there could be more of them.

There seems no discernible difference between the Watch S and Watch S Pro, except the size. But a lot is going on the inside. The Realme Watch S Pro could come with an inbuilt GPS and support for NFC since the Watch S does not bring these two important features. Even though NFC can be ditched because it is not much in use in India, GPS needs to be there for several functionalities that smartwatch users want to perform. Realme might also go for some extra features on the Realme Watch S Pro to make it different from the standard version.

Realme Link app on iOS

Realme also recently released the Realme Link app on the Apple App Store. This seems like a precursor to the launch of the Realme Watch S series in India. The iPhone and iPad users can now pair Realme accessories using the Realme Link app, however, the current version brings just two options in the catalogue. There are no wireless earphones or the previous smartwatch or the fitness band inside the iOS version of Realme Link. Currently, the app only supports Smart Cam 360 and Smart Plug. But Realme might populate the app with all the products and support for them after the Realme Watch S series is launched.

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