Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review: From air purifier, heater to fan, a multifunctional device at Rs 61,900

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic is a multifunction device that not just purifies the air of pollutants but also comes across as a remote-controlled fan and heater

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic isn't just another air purifier in the already cluttered market. It's smart and can clean indoor air of pollutants, while keeping you warm.


Hardly do we come across good looking air purifiers that complement the aesthetic of the room. Dyson does it beautifully. Traditional air purifiers are in square or rectangular, but the Dyson Pure Cool has a circular base with an oval-shaped blade-less fan at the top. Without occupying much space, it easily blends with home and office interiors.

Cleans Air

This is a multifunction device that not just purifies the air of pollutants but also comes across as a remote-controlled fan/heater. The circular base with holes and filter sucks impure air from every direction and passing it through the filters pushes out clean air from the bladeless fan. It automatically detects airborne particles and gases, which when sucked in are captured in HEPA and activated carbon filtration. This new machine also features Dyson's Cryptomic technology capable of destroying formaldehyde. Dyson explains that it is a unique catalytic coating with the same structure as Cryptomelane.

Billions of atom-sized tunnels have been added to the mesh structure, which traps formaldehyde and converts it into water and CO2. It was able to bring down the PM 2.5 levels quickly - from 360 to 2 in a less than an hour. On the filter front, this uses vacuum-sealed H-13 Glass HEPA and activated carbon filters which are vacuum sealed, capable of capturing particles sized 0.1 microns, and can be easily replaced. Unlike other air purifiers in the market which talk about the clean air delivery rate (CADR), Dyson machines undergo an advanced POLAR test. It is a 27 square meter (around 290 sq. ft) sized room with no ceiling fan and the air purifier placed in a corner. Pollutants are then added into the room from the other corner. The nine air quality sensors places in all corners of the room help understand the exact air quality in the different parts of the room at all times. Dyson says these sensors can detect particles as much 300 times smaller than a strand of human hair.

Keeps Warm

Dyson's Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic ensures even heating across the room without making it too warm. The button with the red dot on the remote turns on heating, and the '+' and '-' buttons are for attaining the desired room temperature. Testing out the Dyson was fun in this biting cold winter. With the temperature dipping below 10 degrees, I often turned it on at 25 degree at night for a couple of hours using the sleep mode. Once the room reached the desired temperature (25 degree), the machine stopped throwing warm air and resumed operation after sensing a drop in the temperature. Unlike other room heaters, it does not remove humidity or dries the indoor air.

Not only does it purify or heat air, it also enhances the overall experience. It oscillates ( between 0, 45, 90,180 and 350 degrees) and even tilts (up and down) for focused airflow. The remote also has a diffused air mode that pushes air through the rear side of the fan. However, this mode does not work with heating. The circular display at the front displays relevant information such as the airflow speed, quality of air, and more. It can be controlled using the compact remote it is accompanied with, or even through the Dyson Link app.

It's priced on the higher side but packs in features too. With most air purifiers in the market incapable of addressing formaldehyde, Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic does it silently yet smartly. Controlling it through the remote or smart app makes it convenient to use. And throwing cool (room temperature) or warm air when needed, is just comforting.

Specs: HEPA and activated carbon filtration, destroys formaldehyde, automatically detects airborne particles and gases, heating, bladeless fan oscillates up to 350 degree, diffused mode, remote control, app control, Sleep mode, Alexa-enabled

Colour: White with Gold

In the Box: Air Purifier with filters, remote control, Adaptor

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