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Parle-G, Netflix, Swiggy join in on Sacred Games 2 hilarious meme fest

Sacred Games 2: Netflix, Swiggy and Parle-G partake in a fest of sacred memes.

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Parle-G, Netflix, Swiggy join in on Sacred Games 2 hilarious meme fest
Sacred Games 2: Parle-G, Swiggy, Netflix jump in a hilarious conversation

Sacred memes are here! After a scene involving Bunty, Kanta Bai and Ganesh Gaitonde sparked the inevitable game of memes, Parle-G, Netflix and Swiggy have all jumped in the conversation. What started everything is a scene - without giving any spoiler, except for a dialogue - that showed Bunty and Gaitonde in a telephonic conversation. Bunty tells his boss, "Yaha Parle-G khaana pad raha hai kaali chai mein dubokar." (Here we have been reduced to having Parle-G dipped in black tea)

Following this, internet jumped in with its creativity. Not only did this scene spawn hilarious "broke at the end of the month" memes, Parle-G took the discussion to a different level all together. Turning this into a marketing strategy, Parle-G shared an image saying, "Every startup entrepreneur during his initial days: Yaha Parle-G khana pad raha hai, kaali chai mein dubokar," and followed it up with multiple such images about students, graduates and artistes' initial struggles.

It was not long enough before Netflix replied to Parle-G's image that read: Every artist trying to break ground: Yaha Parle-G khana pad raha hai, kaali chai mein dubokar.

Netflix tweeted: "Season 1: 0 mentions of Parle-G. 0 hit songs written by Bunty. Season 2: 1 mention of Parle-G. Bunty becomes a world-famous producer, casino owner and lyricist. Coincidence? We think not."

Swiggy saw an opportunity there and did not miss it. "Parle-G, should we send chai?" it tweeted.

Netflix got back to them and said, "It's the end of the month. Please send kaali chai."

Swiggy replied, "End of month hua toh kya hua? Apun ke pass bade discounts hai. Doodhwali chai ka balidaan nahin dena hoga." (What if it is the end of the month? We have big discounts. You won't have to sacrifice milk tea."

This hilarious conversation between Netflix, Parle-G and Swiggy left everyone with thousands of memes and a pat on their back.

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