Joe Biden is next US President. Full stop!

Several channels, including Associated Press and CNN, have called the US presidential election in favour of Democrat candidate Joe Biden

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has won the US presidential election to become the 46th President of the United States. Several news channels, including the Associated Press and CNN, have called the election in Biden's favour. The projection came after Biden secured a win in his native state Pennsylvania

As per Associatd press, Biden has won 284 eletoral votes, with results awaited for Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska. Biden is leading the first two states, whereas his Republic candidate Donald Trump is ahead in the latter state. The news agency has called 214 votes in Trump's favour. As per CNN, Biden has won 273 electoral votes, against Trump's 213. The channel shows results awaited for Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska. Candidates need 270 votes to win the presidential election.

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Biden, a two-term Vice-president under Barack Obama and a veteran senator, will be the oldest person to be hold the office. The President-elect will now have to be approved by the electoal college, which traditionally meets on first Monday after the second Wednesday of December. It happens to be December 14 this year. Once approved, Biden will take charge next year in January on Inauguration Day.

In a statement after he was declared victorious, Biden said it is now time to let go of the anger and harsh rhetoric and come together as a nation. It's time for America to heal, he said.

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Biden has come into office at a time when the Unied States is facing the full force of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the primary agendas on his presidential campaign. The country has the highest number of cases in the world and the subsequent disruptions led to the worst economic crisis the biggest economy in the world saw since The Great Depression.

Apart from the COVID-19 crisis, the United States is currently going through a widespread social unrest over racial justice following the police killing of George Floyd. Protestors and police have been clashing all over the US during protests. Biden will have his hands full trying to contain the furor and bring the country to order.

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