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Alpha Pup means trendsetting young people. Important targets for marketing to this age group

Workstream means a vaguely described task in which no tangible progress can possibly be made.
Firestarter means someone who exaggerates work situations and calls resolution meetings to emerge heroic.
Clocksucker means an unproductive employee afflicted with poor time management skills; a waste of company money.
Unpack means to decipher, explore or examine in detail.
The involvement of a third party or person to understand, negotiate or explore business opportunities.
Hathos means a mix of 'hate' and 'pathos', it gives a name to the feeling of pleasure derived from hating someone or something.
Chartist means a market analyst who plots financial data
Extrapediately is used when a task needs to be completed almost instantaneously; considered more powerful and demanding than ASAP and STAT.
Betamaxed means when a superior product or service is overtaken by an inferior but well-marketed competitor.
In workplaces, the Highest Paid Person's Opinion, or HiPPO, becomes the deciding factor in official discussions.
A washup is a follow-up discussion after an important incident to suggest improvements or resolve difficult situations at work.