How to manage your finances and build wealth? This book has it all
Updated : Mar 13, 2023

Read this to know everything about the 'wild world' of finances

The financial world is a jungle of sorts claims the blurb on the back cover of Adhil Shetty’s book, The Bee, the Beetle and the Money Bug. Find out why it is a good idea to grab it for a read.

Are you a square, circle, rectangle, triangle or squiggle?
Updated : Mar 04, 2023

Read this book to get more done with the help of ‘personality shapes’

Conversations are the cornerstone of any enterprise, but they often fall through when communication is not clear. People are different and how they communicate too is different – but there is an easy way to find what works with some and what doesn’t. Psychologist and author, Shena Shah explains.

What causes inflation? What are the effects of inflation?
Updated : Feb 25, 2023

Three books to understand everything about global inflation

What causes inflation? How does inflation cause a change in socioeconomic history? Here are three books to help you explore the subject in depth.

Want to start a fashion business? Here are some top reads
Updated : Feb 18, 2023

Five top books on business of fashion you must read

Starting a fashion business is not just about sketching and designing pretty clothes. A lot goes into building a fashion business and then making it stand out. These books could help in shaping yours.

5 top startup books to read
Updated : Feb 12, 2023

5 best books on startups you can read right now

If you want to launch a business, start by reading all you can about starting up. These titles are a good starting point.

Let neither emotions nor biases cloud your investment decisions
Updated : Feb 04, 2023

Kill your investment biases with these five top books

Money and emotions often don’t mix well. One must move beyond behavioral biases on the path of wealth creation. Here are five books on behavioral finance that can help sharpen your investment judgment.

What caused the global financial crisis in 2008? These books will help you dig up the details
Updated : Jan 29, 2023

Five essential books on the great financial crisis

Could there be a global recession in 2023? The current financial situation across the world is leading many to this question. The debacle of the 2008 financial crisis is a strong reference point for anyone who wants to understand why financial crisis occur. Here are five titles that can help you explore the subject. 

Can you fast-track progress? This book says you can, if you have self-knowledge
Updated : Jan 22, 2023

Leapfrog at work with these 6 steps

There’s no progress without clarity and two Ashoka University faculty members have packed in a bundle of tools in this book to help you tap into yours. 

Change your habits to transform your life
Updated : Jan 07, 2023

3 important books to change your daily HABITS in 2023

Can we transform a business or even our own life over a period of time? Only if we know how to design our habits in a way to fetch strong positive results.

What are your high priority goals for 2023?
Updated : Dec 31, 2022

The ONLY goal setting book you need to read at year-end

Whatever is it that you want to accomplish in 2023, you need to set goals. No matter how passé one thinks the theme of goal-setting is, the turn of the year is all about letting the past go, learning from mistakes, and thinking afresh.

Want to gift a book? Here's a list you can pick from
Updated : Dec 24, 2022

10 inspiring biographies to gift this Christmas

The end of the year is a time for leisure – to recharge and recuperate. Here are some inspiring life stories, some biographies, and a few autobiographies. Great reads for the holiday season.

10 promising business books of 2023
Updated : Dec 17, 2022

10 promising business books of 2023 to look out for

A new year brings with it a host of new releases. Here is a list of 10 books set to be released in the coming year which can be pre-booked now.

10 titles that can bring you valuable teambuilding insights
Updated : Dec 10, 2022

10 essential books for building winning teams  

The secret of a successful enterprise lies in excellent teamwork. But what is the secret of building and running winning teams? Here are 10 books with great insights on the subject.

Updated : Dec 03, 2022

This list of 10 books will help take your business writing to the next level

Good writing skills is a big plus when you want to grow your business. To make a deal, a plan, to communicate – it is all about writing right. Here are a set of titles that can help you ace business writing and make your communication clearer, sharper. 

Do you want to upgrade your brain for better cognition and creativity?
Updated : Nov 26, 2022

5 key takeaways from Elizabeth Ricker’s Smarter Tomorrow 

Can you actually ‘hack’ your brain and upgrade performance? This book promises that and a lot more.

Three books to fire up the biz-woman in you
Updated : Nov 19, 2022

How to start a business? 3 books HERE will inspire you to start up 

Want to start up your own thing but don’t know when where and how? Here are three books to give you the inspiration you were waiting for. Stories of three women entrepreneurs who broke new ground and built something for themselves. Read on.

Can you shape your life the way you want by making things happen?
Updated : Nov 12, 2022

Why did everyone go gaga over this orange book in 2022?

The buzzword on social media during 2022 was ‘manifestation’. Is it possible to take control of your life, money, and abundance and shape your course the way you want? Roxie Nafousi’s ‘Manifest’ told the world how and why it could actually be a way of life.

Repackaged books on Japanese wisdom are now visible at every bookstore
Updated : Oct 29, 2022

Ikigai, Wabi Sabi, Ichigo Ichie: 3 books on Japanese wisdom to simplify your life and work

Japanese wisdom has inspired people all over the globe, for ages – but three concepts have in recent years become significantly popular: Ikigai, Wabi Sabi, and Ichigo Ichie. Here’s what these books have to tell you.

A graphic novel that tells the stories of 20 real-life women heroes
Updated : Oct 22, 2022

Here’s an extraordinary graphic novel on 20 women who mean business

The entrepreneurial journeys of 20 women from all across India, We Mean Business is a chronicle of success stories created at the intersection of an anthology, a documentary, a graphic novel, and technology. It is a book that promises to be more than a book. A review.

Five books that can transform your relationship with money
Updated : Oct 15, 2022

Want to get the right money mindset? Pick these 5 titles 

Making money is a science, art, or just random luck? Why do some people make more money than others? Do you have the right money mindset? Read on.

Drive your business with the power of purpose
Updated : Oct 08, 2022

How to drive your business with purpose? Check out these 3 books

The big question for any enterprise remains, ‘why do we do what we do'. A business sustains when there’s clarity of purpose. In the midst of conflicting goals, how can one identify and then stick with it? We picked these three titles on the subject of finding the core purpose of a business, big or small.