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  • As tech helps tax authorities check evasion and fraud, taxpayers complain of harassment and misuse of powers
Apr 18, 2021
Network Jhanwar, The Pied Piper

Jhanwar, The Pied Piper

"Taking out one-two hours daily has become a ritual. I have been doing it for the last four-five years. It helps me take a break from my mundane routine," says Anurag Jhanwar

Okada's Yogic Pursuits

"During and after the lockdown period, in addition to jogging I am practicing Yoga almost every day. Practicing Yoga makes me feel good both physically and mentally, says Tomohiko Okada, MD, Toshiba India

Adding Spice To Leadership

Baskar Babu, who learnt the basics of cooking from his mother, started experimenting with food early in life. He finds cooking therapeutic

Bhatnagar's Running Shoes

"Some people meditate, I run. It serves the same purpose for me. It calms me down and helps me focus through the day," says Manish Bhatnagar

Chawla's Marathon Lessons

"When I run, I am not competing with anybody else, I am improving myself. Sometimes it's about timing, sometimes it's about being able to manage the run with enough energy left," say Ajoy Chawla
Markets Signs of Moderation

Signs of Moderation

Retail ownership of top 500 stocks of BSE saw a sequential decline in December quarter. Is their interest waning?
Management In Good Company

In Good Company

Managements are integrating their corporate milestones with what is good for people and the planet too
Interview "Utilities Need to Find New Revenue Streams and Business Models"

"Utilities Need to Find New Revenue Streams and Business Models"

Global CEO of Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Claudio Facchin, and N. Venu, Managing Director, Hitachi ABB Power Grids India, talk about technological changes in the power sector and how they are helping countries meet their zero-carbon targets
Industry Keeping Guard

Keeping Guard

Private security and facility management industry has bounced back from pandemic pangs, and is prepping for the big leap

Consolidation in Healthcare

Private equity and overseas companies are taking over domestic healthcare chains, creating a new pecking order

Oily Mess

A sharp increase in global crude oil prices has pushed retail rates of petrol and diesel to historic highs. Taxes are partly to be blamed, but reducing excise duties may not be easy for a cash-strapped government
Editors note Chasing Evaders: Outreach or Over-reach?

Chasing Evaders: Outreach or Over-reach?

If India's tax- to-GDP ratio of 17.7 per cent has to get anywhere near developed countries' 25-35-36 per cent, those who should pay taxes must be brought under the tax net. But that's easier said than done
Economy On the Slow Coach

On the Slow Coach

Fifteen years in the making, only 650 km of the dedicated freight corridor has opened. Meeting the 3,381-km target by June 2022 appears a distant dream
Corporate IndiGo's Revival Bid

IndiGo's Revival Bid

After a brutal year, India's largest airline looks to bounce back, but there could be surprises ahead
Leadership Spotlight "If You Have the Best Product, You Can Find a Way to Win All the Time"

"If You Have the Best Product, You Can Find a Way to Win All the Time"

John Bayne, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Consumer Electronics, Corning Incorporated